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Goodbye to a friend

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This will be one of the hardest posts I will ever post on this site...

This morning, around 4:30 am, Kerry Morton, aka Kerry, passed away.

Actaually, many of us close to Kerry feel the Kerry we know "left" probably 3 months ago. Until this morning, she was restricted to bed and her quality of life was lacking to say the least.

When I got the call advising me of this news, I wasn't shocked. Many of us were prepared for this day due to the fact that the word hospice was used usually within the same sentence of Kerry's name. What I think shocked me about Kerry's passing is that a huge part of me left with her. I am happy and relieved that Kerry is no longer in pain, but I am sad because I lost a sister. We all did.

Kerry was one of the classiest and most-personable people anyone would ever meet. She had a way of letting you feel that you were important, that you mattered. The times she would answer the phone when I called, out of habit, I would ask her how she is doing, and her answer would ALWAYS be, "Oh, I'm fine." That wasn't the pain medicine talking, that was Kerry. She was ready. She was prepared for all the pain to go away.

I will remember her forever, and I will miss her even longer than that.



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Blessings and peaceful journeys to you, Kerry!

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Thank you, Stacy, for posting about Kerry.

These last few months have been unfairly difficult for Kerry, but I never heard her once complain. As I held her hand in June and told her how much her friendship meant to me and how survivor's guilt overpowered me, she told me to live and be an example of how this terrible disease can be conquered That is how Kerry was.....always trying to make someone else feel better...even in her darkest days.

Kerry will always be in my heart.

All my love,


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Through tears of sadness and tears of gladness:

Tears of sadness that Kerry has left us, that she is no longer with us, and that we lost another dear friend to this dreadful disease.

Tears of gladness because the world and all of us have been immensely blessed because Kerry was a part of it and a part of us. I'm glad that I got to know such a beautiful person and to be so fortunate to have received inspiration by her grace and dignity. I'm lucky to know Kerry and I feel I'm a better person for it. I'm grateful to have shared a little piece of life with Kerry.

Love to all....

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Stacy, I'm so sorry that you have lost your dear friend, and that the entire network here has lost such a shining light.


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I also will miss Kerry she was the first person that I met on this site. She was beautiful on the outside and such a beautiful person to talk with. I will miss her so much. I hope she takes my hand and guides me thru my battle. Kerry you will be so missed by so many.

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Thanks for posting Stacy,

Like Katie, I am sad but a little happy at the same time. My dear friend is no longer in pain and anquish and for that I am grateful. We had many a laugh and good times the last 4 years and she will continue to live in my heart forever.

I am honored to have known her and as I promised her, she will be toasted and remembered every chance I get so I can hear her wonderful laugh everytime I do.

I'd be willing to bet that she and Bud have already "cut a rug" or 2 or 100. Hey Kerry, you both better save a dance for me!!!!!!!!

My love always,
Lisa P.

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Lisa Rose
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Rest in Peace Kerry

Love Always,
Lisa Rose

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With each passing of one of the Semi-colons, a little dies in all of us. The ones that touch us deeply, Baby Girl Andrea, Bud, Kerry and others who, for no fault of their own, are drafted into a battle they never asked for but who lived with grace and courage and made us all the better for it.

May their memories continue to inspire the rest of us to Livestrong.

Kerry, heaven is a better place with you in it.

peace, emily

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Kerry was also one of the first people I met on this site, a year behind her in surgery and chemo. Her thoughtfulness and encouragement have meant a lot to so many of us here.
Stacy, I hope her famiy knows how much she mattered in the lives of so many survivors; may she rest in peace. Judy

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Thank you for letting us know. Even though I didn't know Kerry as well as some of you, she was the first person I wrote to when I found the CSN site. She was or had taken the same chemo meds I was going to take and I wanted to ask some questions about it. She was so helpful and kind.

Rest in peace, Kerry


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Thank-you Stacy for letting us know.

I didn't have the good fortune of meeting Kerry personally, but she was the first person who responded to my initial CSN post in 2005, and she has held a dear spot in my heart. It is sad to lose her and I wish her and her family and friends peace.


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Time just stands still sometimes.
I am always terribly saddened when we lose a family member. ( and that is what we all are here)

But this news, in particular, pains me. I'm not sure why. Maybe Kerry's peace in the midst of this losey struggle makes it tougher to handle. I don't know.

God bless you Kerry. You made this world a better place.

Love forever and ever,


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At a compleat loss,,,,just don't understand it any more...........

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Thank you for letting us know about Kerry. My heart goes out to her husband and daughters, I will keep them in my thoughts and prayers. Audrey.

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Thank you for the news, even tho it is not what I wished for....

Kerry is still with us all...in our hearts...and she impacted many, many people.

As I say 'Rest now', I am filled with a renewed desire to rid this world of this disease...the unfairness of it is striking...

Hugs, Kathi

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Joined: Aug 2006

thank you for letting us all know about Kerry.

I never met Kerry but you can see she was loved by so many. And she was blessed with grace.

I'm so sorry she passed. I'm sorry she was in such pain at the end and her quality of life had diminished.

God - I pray for peace, love, and compassion to surround all Kerry's family and friends during this most difficult time. I'm glad she's with You now - happy and painfree.


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I only knew Kerry from what I read on this site. Now I only wish that I had gotten to know her better. What a loss. This disease brings so much sadness and heartache. My prayers go out to her family and friends.


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Rest in peace Kerry.


Posts: 304
Joined: Dec 2005

Again, the tears are running down my face -- such a tragic loss....Kery will always be in my prayers. Sending my sympathy to all her family and friends...
Mary Kay

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Joined: Aug 2006

Since I knew about Kerry not doing well, I've been coming to this site afraid of seeing this terrible news.Tears are coming from my eyes right now, but I have to be strong, because I know Kerry will be sad in heaven looking at us,because being the kind of person that she was, she would like us to remember her with a smile on our face. peace for her family I pray to you God.

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Thanks for passing on the news. I'm so glad I was able to meet Kerry in Nashville. My heart is very sad that we have all lost a great person. How very sad....


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The times I spent with Kerry will be cherished. What a special and wonderful woman! I am so glad I was lucky enough to meet her and get to know her. She will be missed but not forgotten!
Austin, TX

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I only knew Kerry through her posts, but wish that I had had the opportunity to meet her.
I am glad that she is now at peace and no longer in pain.
I will always remember her as a positive person who cared so much about others.
My thoughts are with her family and friends.


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My heart and prayers go out to Kerry's family and friends! Heaven has another angel!


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Joined: Mar 2005

What a great loss for everyone on this site. Kerry was the true meaning of the word "Lady". I unfortunately never had the pleasure of meeting her, but she responded to everyone she thought she could help. We hardly ever knew when she was having her own problems. It's hard to understand why the best ones are taken from us. She will be remembered always. Rest in peace Kerry and my deepest sympathies to her family.

Posts: 118
Joined: Mar 2005

What a great loss for everyone on this site. Kerry was the true meaning of the word "Lady". I unfortunately never had the pleasure of meeting her, but she responded to everyone she thought she could help. We hardly ever knew when she was having her own problems. It's hard to understand why the best ones are taken from us. She will be remembered always. Rest in peace Kerry and my deepest sympathies to her family.

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I was truly saddened by this news. Kerry, may you rest in peace. Scott will now be in great company up there.


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rest in peace beautiful lady

Posts: 1048
Joined: Jan 2007

My heart goes out to all of Kerry's family and friends. She will be missed by all.

Posts: 553
Joined: Mar 2006

I am deeply saddened to hear of Kerry's passing. She was a fighter and gave me and others hope and inspiration through difficult times. May God bless Kerry's family.


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My deepest sympathy to her family. I did chat with kerry on the phone during the palooza she hosted. What a classy lady.


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Kerry will be most definitely missed here. But at least shes in a much better place and no longer in pain or sick at all.

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I met Kerry in Nashville and was instantly part of her group of friends. what a nice person you are my dear. Thanks for all the morning chats and support. until we meet again my freind.
Limey - Mark

Posts: 55
Joined: May 2007

...I was so sad to hear this news...I am sad for the loss of a corageous woman...I am sad for her family's great loss...I am sad for this family's tremendous loss...and I am sad for my loss because I never got to know her. I pray for you Kerry...and I pray for all of our semi colon family.


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