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panic tumor rapidly getting bigger

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2 weeks ago today i went on my 2 week break from chemo.
The the plan when i started 2 months ago was 6 weeks of Erbitux carboplatin and taxol.
Then a 2 week rest .
Then 7 weeks of radiation plus chemo.
Then 4 week rest then surgery.
Well i finished the 6 weeks of chemo with no problems felt fine. That was 2 weeks ago

I had a 4cm tonsil into base of tongue and a huge 9cm lemon sized lymhnode.
the six weeks of chemo had shrunk the lymphnode in half.
Yesterday morning i felt it getting bigger and i felt the base of tongue getting bigger my 2 week rest is up today but they dont have me sheduled till next tuesday for chemo and radiation to start again.
I called medical oncologist yesterday morning nurse said they would call me back and they never did. I just called again and told them again that my tongue and lymphnode have doubled in size in the past 2 days the nurse said there must have been an emergency yesterday so i didnt get my call back she would tell the doc again.
i guess my tumors doubling in size in a couple days isnt an emergency.
Has any one else had a rapid increase in tumor and lymphnode size during a break in treatment.

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To hell with good manners...it may not be an emergency but it certainly merits prompt attention. I suggest not waiting for a phone call..do what I did once: go to the clinic or hospital you've been treated at and sit there until you receive adequate care. By the way, you're the one who determines what's adequate. Best to you, Rich

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I agree with Rich and get in there!!

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