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Abdominal fluid

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I just got my CTScan results. It shows moderate amount of fluid in my abdomen. This explains the rise in CA125 (it's 3000). Anyone else had fluid in their abdomin. What was the treatment? Can the fluid be removed? Will chemo get rid of the fluid? Is chemo alway necessary? Thanks for any answers.

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Hi. I can definitely speak to the fluid in the abdomen - after my surgery this was a big problem. I had a procedure called paracentesis to remove the fluid - 2.8 liters the first time and 4.1 liters the second time. It is absolutely the best thing since sliced bread when you have all that fluid! The procedure does not hurt at all - it just feels wonderful. If your cancer is making that fluid, I would think chemo is necessary, but you need to talk to your doctor about that. Chemo was certainly necessary for me. My CA125 numbers are just now starting to drop, after my third chemo. Oh, and the fluid buildup stopped for me after the second paracentesis. Good luck to you, and insist on getting that fluid removed!

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I also had abdominal fluid removed. It was great to be rid of it. I could eat again where I couldn't eat much before because of the fluid. Then I had surgery and a little of the fluid started to come back but the chemo took care of it. It was a quick way to lose 10 pounds. I wish you the best of luck.

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Hello my name is Jackie i am 44 i also had the fluid. I also was drained twice the second time i lost 10 lbs. it was wondeful. Then i had chemo and it all dried up. My ca125 was almost 5000 before chemo then it went down to 4 now it is slowing creepy up to 59. but i have been on chemo for about 16 months. Good luck with all that you have to do. Love Jackie

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My wife had similar levels and experienced fluid buildup in the abdomen. In her case the fluid showed no signs of cancer. However exploratory surgery followed extraction of the ascites (fluid) on multiple visits. The actual cancer site was small, like a "frosting" on the lower front of the abdomen, but it kicked out a lot of fluid. So there is not necessarily a relationship between the amount or severity of the cancer and the amount of fluid. Or even a relationship between rises in CA-125 numbers and the amount of cancer. It's all very nebulous. That said, we had to have the ascites buildup managed, and they extract very easily once you're all set up. No fun, but better than the discomfort. Once that was done and the surgery to remove (debulk) the cancer completed, the first two rounds of chemo normalized both her CA-125 counts and stopped the fluid buildup cold. thank God. You can write offline if you want to know anymore. Send me a message. God Bless and good luck.


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and two times I had to undergo paracentesis. The first resulted in removal of 3.5 liters. The second time, just over 6 liters. The procedure requires a larger than needle like devise in your belly to remove the fluid and drained into clear bottles...at least in my case. Once done, recovery is quick. A local (around area where the needle is placed) is given to ease the discomfort of the needle being stuck in the belly. It wears off quickly. I also had some serious weight loss due to the procedure, but the pre-weight gain (due to the fluid back-up) was enough to negate any positive weight loss.

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I had 1st.recurrence December 2010 and I had a swollen belly like a pregnant woman.
I was drained with 5 liters.
I am currently ip Chemotherapy

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I went into hospital this morning and was drained of about 4 litres fluid. It's a pretty simple procedure, a bit uncomfortable but not painful at all. when it was over my tummy felt a bit bruised for a while but losing what looks like a full term pregnancy is such a relief. I can actually eat normally again, bend over and do up my shoelaces.

Unfortunately it always comes back I think until you have chemo, which finally clears it. My CA125 has risen to just over 1,000 so I'm booked to start chemo again on the 20th January, just 1 year and 3 weeks after my last session ended:(

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i had it and was drained once before surgery they drained 5 and a half liters off, two weeks after surgery had to get the lung and stomach drained. after 2 chemos the fluid went away praise God

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hav a familly member just started chemo,does this cure the cancer? how will she feel days after? will it go away? how are you doing and how long has it been for you hoping the best for all,please fill me in with info.

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