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why cant i get into the chat

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Posts: 97
Joined: Apr 2008

says something like no id found or something

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Joined: Sep 2006

because you are only human like the rest of us :)

It is apparently offline for most of today.

victor53's picture
Posts: 97
Joined: Apr 2008

if i am only a mere human why are the humans trying to destroy me with their multi million dollar radiation weapon

Posts: 44
Joined: Jun 2008

Not just you .I couldn't get in today either.Must be a problem.Hope you are doing okay and the radiation isn't too rough.I could tolerate that except for the burnt face.It was the chemo that about did me in.Take care and hang in there

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Joined: Oct 2007

Just think of it as they are trying to destroy you back to good health............And the chemo nurses are poisoning you back to good health!


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