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is there anybody who had bad reaction to minocycline?/antibiotic used to treat rash caused by erbitux/ my husband has some kind of infection-with high fever after using it. doctor think it is from minocycline or from infected port

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I haven't used minocyclin, so can't help you there. But I'm on Erbitux and my oncologist prescribed clindamycin phosphate 1% topical gel; it controls my rash fairly well - and I've never had a bad reaction to it (have used it for over a year and half now). You might want to ask your husband's oncologist about clindamycin gel.


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My husband has been on erbitux since 11/05. None of the topical or usual oral meds help his rash at all. He went to dermatologist doing a study and has taken keflex(antibiotic) and soriatane(psoriasis med) -- has worked great for him. The minocycline did not have any effect for my husband. Hope you have figured it out ...keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.
Mary Kay

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I'm not sure how one would get an infection while on an antibiotic...that seems contradictory. I sure would press that Dr. for a definite diagnosis...this could be dangerous. Any high fever is usually a trip to the ER in my experience. The fever is to go no higher then 100.5.

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