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Hernia after surgery

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Hi everyone,
I am new to this site although I have been reading the posts for some time. I like the positive energy everyone seems to have. I am almost a year out from finishing treatment for stage 3 Colon Cancer. Had surgery and chemo (5FU and Leucovorin) Things have been clear so far with check ups. What is bothering me now is somewhat minor but I thought I would ask: I developed a hernia caused by the initial surgery. It was done with a laparoscope and the surgery went well except for this annoying hernia. It kind of bulges out and reminds me of that poor guy in the movie Alien if I stick my stomach out. I know, too much information. The surgeon said to wait a while before trying to repair it. Has anyone else out there experienced this? If so, was the problem successfuly corrected with surgery.
Cheers, Lance

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first welcome to our family. i have been there done that. i have had 3 hernia repairs. 1st one a couple of months after colon surgery, than a year after that. than i made a big mistake about 1 year after the 2nd repair it came back and i didn't get it repaired right away and it got bigger,bigger,bigger. than no one wanted to fix it because it was so big. i finally found a surgeon in columbia hospital ny. it took him 9 1/2 hours to repair it. please don't lift alot and take it easy till you get it repaired. your muscles are so weak after surgery and you can get a hernia by sneezing. get it taken care of when you feel ready.
hope this helps.
be well
never,ever give up!!
congrats on your year anniversary

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Lance...I just met a neighbors Mom the other day who had colon cancer (stage2)2 years ago. She is having surgery today for a hernia that was caused by her original surgery. She too was done laporscopically (did I murder that?)...She also told me how hard the area was. My husband just had surgery in 12/07 so he has not had a problem to date. Sounds like you are not alone though!!

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I had laparascopic surgery for stage 2, and one year later had hernia repair surgery at the site of the initial surgery. No problems since then.


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