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quivck update

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Hi all, I had a CT/PET scan yesterday and tomorrow will see my urologist to see what to do about my colon. It seems i have a pretty severe blockage (of course it seems to be much better this week)from this tumor. so... I have to decide to try and have a stint put in to open up the colon, or, go to a perm bag. neither excite me but such is life.

I hope to walk away tomorrow with an action plan that will help reduce discomfort and encourage this cancer to get the hell outta dodge.
i will keep you posted.

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Mark: I have had a 'temporary' iliestomy for 2 1/2 years and I refuse to get rid of it. Maybe I am odd, but I had years of discomfort (running to the bathroom) and I finally feel okay. Reversing the iliestomy has been the last thought on my mind. I really don't mind and I am now quite used to it. You have to do what feels good to you, but I just wanted to give a plug to the 'bag' option. Monica

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I had a temp. ileo which was reversed. I spent the next 18 mos. in the bathroom or loooking for one. I decided to have a colostomy done and I havent looked back.

Good luck with whatever you decide


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hope all goes well, good luck with your decision. i had a temp and than had it reversed.
be well
never,ever give up!!

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Mark, good luck with your decision. The main thing is telling cancer to "get the hell out of Dodge." More power to you!


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Hi Mark. Sorry you are going through this and I am sure none of the options look dreamy. But, I am another one of those who has a permanent colostomy. Takes a little adjustment both physically and emotionally but I have to say, for me, it is truly no big deal...I wear what I like, do what I like (including hiking, swimming and, if you'll pardon me, 'intimacy') and all Ok. I wish you all the best as you face these tough decisions. But I do want to assure you there is a Good Life post permanent colostomy if that is where you end up going. Tara

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Hi Mark! I just wanted to add my two cents to this discussion because i hate my ileostomy! I don't know how others are dealing with it so well?? It bursts in the night more often then it should, it dehydrates me, i don't feel comfortable swimming (my favorite thing to do), because too long in the water and the bag starts to peal off. I can't wear jeans, the stoma hurts, it needs emptying often, it fills up with gas and bloats...I could go on and on. If it were my choice, i would take the stint any day of the week.

I do remember how miserable i was with a huge tumor that blocked me and made my life hell, and i am relieved to not have that problem any more, but...I think the stint will help you. Are they planning on removing your tumor and resectioning you again to get the ostomy?? Would the stint be permanent too?

Good luck with your decision!
Many hugs,

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Hi Mark,I don't have a personal opinion about what will be a better choice for you,but I'll pray for the right one for you.

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Hoping it goes better for you Mark. God Bless

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Hi Mark, I can't give an opinion about what procedure you should choose but I want to wish you the best. I do hope you get rid of the discomfort you have. I'm sorry that we have to make these tough calls with this cancer..I will keep you in my thoughts. Hugs to you, Audrey.

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I wish you the best, Mark.


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Mark...I was glad to see yours post as someone else had posted for us all to add you to our prayers and send you positive vibes. This sounds like another bump in the road, of which I am wishing you success and a quick recovery!

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Hi Mark. My vote is for comfort while you work to kill the beast. It may be a permanent thing, but as long as you are comfortable while you fight I think that's the key. Hugs and prayers.

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Thinking of you, Mark, and sending many positive thoughts your way. Send this beast packing!

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Thanks for the update. My hope is that whatever you choose, you will be more comfortable.
Jo Ann

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I don't have any personal experience to add to your post, but, "getting the hell out of Dodge," sound like a reasonable way to proceed. All the best.


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Good luck with your decision. The permanent colostomy takes some adjusting, but is much better than the alternative. I do everything I did before and it doesn't affect my daily life. I made up my mind from the get go to not let my life be dictated by s**t!!!

I have always admired your amazing attitude and spirit. Know that I will continue to keep you in my prayers.


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