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? delaying treatment for vacation

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Hi, Valerie here. DX. 4/08 stage 3 colon cancer; currently on folfox treatment with Oxaliplatin. Would like to delay my treatment for 1 week to attend my nephews wedding in Aug. Has anyone delayed a treatment for vacation purposes and did it affect you in any way or cause any type of setbacks?

Thanks everyone, You're in my prayers daily.

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Oh yes. And one week shouln't make much difference. But the good feelings of getting away from it and enjoying family and a new sights is always worth it to me. Improves the mental outlook.

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My mom DX stage 4 colon cancer...was on folfox + avastin w/ oxa. She skipped a treatment in May for my wedding and had no adverse side effects and no set backs. Take a week off and enjoy feeling great. You deserve it!!!

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Hi Valerie, of course talk to doc first but I started the same regimen for stageIII CC also back in March. I skipped a cycle between the 5th and 6th with no ill effects. Actually, it springs you back to feeling a bit better having that small break. My onc says it's very common to skip as long as the 12 cycles are completed and tests have been good. Just make sure you come back from vacation! Go enjoy and forget about chemo for 3 whole weeks!
Kathy M.

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Thanks everyone for your response. I'm looking forward to going to my hometown in North Carolina for his wedding. He's my twin sister's son. Very excited!! Just want to continue to try to live life as "NORMAL" as possible.

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Hi Valerie, I also took FOLFOX and I had a couple episodes when I missed tx-one was for vacation and I had no problem. As others have said gives you a moment to spring back and you don't loose any of the tx's they just tack them onto the end as long as your tolerating them. Enjoy the time away!!


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I, too had treatment delayed for a week - my doctor delayed it for me, but I had no ill effects and as everyone has said you actually come back with more spring in your step. I say check with you doctor and enjoy the wedding!


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Hope you enjoy the vacation! God Bless

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Hey, Valerie. I'm in North Carolina! Hope you have a wonderful time when you come here. Anywhere near Reidsville?


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Thanks for your response. I'm going to Charlotte area, but I'm originally from Greensboro. I will be spending time with my family there.

Keep me in your prayers as I will you.

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Cool beans! Have a fabulous time! Praying for you, too.


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Hi Valerie, Life goes on and we must live it. If this is an important event for you, i would attend it. Heck, if the wedding just sounds like fun, i would delay and go.

I have delayed my treatments more than once to accomidate my vacation schedule and I have no regrets. Dance your pants off

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hi valerie,
i was off my treatment for a month when i had my temp bag reversed. no problems at all. go and enjoy yourself just touch base with your dr.
be well
never,ever give up!!

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I had delays for other reasons (low blood counts) but was told that a delay of 2-3 weeks has been shown to have no difference on effectiveness of chemo. From my reading, "stop-start" chemo is gaining some popularity. And then there is 'quality of life'! This wedding definitely seems to fall in that category! Your choice, of course, but I believe I'd be going for it. Tara

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my dad was going to delay treatment for a week (but now is not going back to chemo and is starting radiation). but when he asked his oncologist about missing a week, he said it was fine.

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