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I read a minute ago about having a possitive attitude... I feel no matter how my attitude is possitive or negative...the cancr is steeling my sisters life right from under us... and that is a fact...,
I sit with her night and day and she just sleeps...and I try so hard to have a good attitude...I even try to make a joke or too...when she wakes up but none the less the cancer is taking her away from us...

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I am sorry hunter. I guess 'a good attitude' means different things to different people.
Some people seem to have a faith that makes it easier to accept whatever is going on in their lives, no matter how sad. I am not there yet, but I have been through enough bad times to say that I have a more positive spin on tragedy than I once did. It still knocks me for a loop, but the more God does for me, the more confident I become that he can do it all over again if need be.
As to your sister slipping away, I have no glib answer...I just hurt when my friends here hurt, as most of us do, so know that we are holding your and your family in our thoughts and prayers.

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If a positive attitude could cure cancer, someone would have figured out a way to bottle it 100 years ago and it would be selling now for about one million dollars per sip.

No. Of course a positive attitude cannot cure cancer. But it can help, not just the person with cancer, but those around him/her, to deal with the conditions and facts of the disease.

For some, that may indeed mean maintaining the fight required to outlast the disease. For others, regrettably, it may mean living the end of one's days in a way that makes putting up with cancer and its peripheral detritus much more worthwhile.

In a nutshell, your positive attitude can be helpful, not only to your sister in what sounds like her waning days, but to all of those around her as well, including yourself. It is tough to do sometimes, I know, to maintain that attitude in the bleakest of times, but if you are strong enough to do it, you will be doing a world of good for all of those around you.

That said, there is a time for grieving, too, and there is no fault or shame in that.

Take care, and best wishes,


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I lost my sister to cervical cancer 7 years ago. I never, ever let her think that I believed she wasn't going to make it. And I remember that she said that she always felt better after she talked to me. So try to be positive, for her sake, but also for you. There could be a breakthrough treatment tomorrow! Be strong.

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