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Less Costly Alternatives/Nutrition????

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My brother went to an immunologist today to consult about alternative treatments provided by that institute. He has battling colon cancer for almost 4 years and yet has the cancer in his abdomen, liver, lymph nodes, and rectum. After all the surgeries, chemos, and a most recent trial study at USC Norris that nealy killed him, he talked with his regular oncologist and determined that it was time to step back from chemo, tests, etc. and let his body rest. She told him that it was time to be selfish, enjoy life, and only do what he wanted to do. He also took disability from work. So he had that appointment today and learned about the program of detoxification and building the immune system through daily massage, infra red lighting (I think it was called), Vitamin C IV, nutrition, and supplements. It sounded good, all but the $5,900 for 4 weeks regime totalling nearly $24,000. We believe the approach would be helpful, but there can be no promises made about how or if it could extend or improve the quality of his life, no one knows. I'm wondering if there is a less costly approach???? What might be the best type of place to go to to get guidance/support with nutrition? Are there places he could go to get something like the Vitamin C IV which sounds so hopeful for his body to get stronger and begin fighting the cancer itself? How does he go about finding a qualified Naturopath or someone trained in the treatment of cancer patients? Advice would be appreciated

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Here are some websites that might help:







I hope these help

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Wow Chris,
That certainly is expensive, if $ is an issue, I would try to find a good Naturopath (N.D.) You can start by calling your oncologist, I was referred to my ND by my oncologist. If you are in the Seattle area there is a place called Rainbow Natural Remedies, also the NW Natural Health Clinic. You could call them anyway and tell them where you are and if they can tell you who practices in your area. There is also Bastyr University which is an accredited school for natural medicine that you could call and I am sure be referred to one of their alumni. They should also be able to answer the questions you have concerning IV vitamin C, etc.
Good luck and let us know what you find out!
Susan H.

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Chris, i don't know if the Chopra center would be any cheaper, but it would at least be a good place to get true advise. He is located here in San Diego, but i believe he has other centers. Dr. Chopra is a spiritualist as well as a trained M.D.. Here is his website:


He also tours the country giving lectures. I have a couple of his audio tapes that have really helped me to focus, and deal with stress. Let me know if you would like the names of his tapes.

Many hugs,

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