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Stable CT and Rising CEA

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History - diagnosed 5/02 with Stage IV (multiple surgeries and treatments)

*In December, the CT showed stuff in liver and lungs and the CEA was like 35
*In February, no change in CT (stable), CEA was 160. Doctor said that this could mean stuff had died - CT would not show that
*Had trouble with chemo during month of April - port issues, etc.. (CEA went to 260)
*Back on treatment (last week of April and all of May) - then went on three week vacation
*Back on treatment now - next CT in August
*Very nervous - do not know current CEA
*Has anyone had this happen??
*We did have a false CEA reading at this doctor's office - said it was 130 (10/07) - retook it and it was 30.
*Treatment - Eribitrux - once a week and continuous pump (5 flu) - has a had the rash real bad (pimplesm, etc... - which should mean it is working)
*Something disturbs me - doctor told my dad that if he started to lose a lot of weight to be alarmed - my dad's weight has remained steady - he has a good appetite and often bikes for 3-5 miles a day
*Finally, every time he coughs, I get nervous that his lung tumors are out of control (I know this is irrational but it happens). He does not cough chronically and honestly I could a couple times a day some times. Should I be worried?
*Any thoughts??

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I have no intelligent comments - sorry but will pray that this is ok. cea is only a marker and only for some of us. It has never been a marker for me. Mine never moves. port trouble is a *****. I recently had a power port installed to replace my plugged one. so far so good.
I will keep you in my prayers.

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Just a thought....

Why not have another blood test and clarify his CEA? If it is through the roof for him, I would insist on a PET.

If his CEA was at 260 I would be having a PET no matter what the CT results.

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CEA has never been a marker for me either. Have another CT/PET. Best of luck.


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My Onc told me that other things can cause a rise in CEA...such as diarrhea. Could it be that the treatment is causing diarrhea which is effecting the CEA?

Love Ya and God Bless,


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my doctor told me that as long as your on chemo cea is of no use,it will give you a wrong reading,I asked for a cea after 4 treatments and was told I had to wait till I was done with chemo.but my cea was 0.3 when I started chemo sorry I couldn help more.God bless you Doris

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Find out if the CT can be done just a little bit ahead of time to give you some peace of mind. Praying for you to get good news soon.
Jo Ann

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Wish I could be of more help, but I do know that CEA is not an end all/be all marker . Useful for some but not for others. I'd actually rely on the CT more and also PET scan . God Bless.

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