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Mood swings

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I was wondering if there is any advice out there for spouses of thyroid cancer patients. My fiance has stage 3 papilary and had his thyroid removed in March. We were warned about his mood swings but sometimes they are unbearable. Lately, he just wants to die he begs God to just kill him. I don't understand and I blame myself. He is 33 and I am 34, we are supposed to be married in April of 2009 but I am having so many doubts and just wonder will he ever get back to normal?

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Yes, it will get better once his thyroid meds get regulated however it can be a long process. Check out www.thyca.org for more info and support services from other thyroid cancer survivors who have been where you are now.

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you can talk to your doctor about things like prozac, lexapro those help to get through it. . I am a 10 year survivor on thursday, i know those things helped me

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I have had my Thyriod out now for almost a year. My boyfriend says I have mood swings tooo. I dont even know when I am having them. Some thing will set me off and it will be sooo big to me and I cant handle it. Or some times I will feel like im going crazy. I feel really bad for him because the smallest thing will be every thing to me. My doctor said once I get my meds right that will stop. Its really hard to get the right dose. I will have my next scan in sep. Just hang in there and it will get better. My boyfriend handles it by talking and keeps talking to me so I can see whats happening. I have thought about getting on some meds to help me but I have not taken that step yet. I wonder too if I will ever be normal again tooo. This is very hard on every one that is close to us. How is his energy? One day I have tooo much then im so tired for weeks, that I think causes a lot of the mood swings tooo. Hang in there.

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