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I was identified of having MM in 2003. My problem actually began in 2001/I have solitary plasma cytoma at that time. It developed into MM in 2003. Everyone kind of gave up except me. At the near end , 2005, I was offered a stem cell transplant to be paid by DOD. I didn't have a choice so I accepted. In addition, I did not have a donor with a match in the family.I have 10 brothers and sisters but no match/dam. I didn't understand this at first because they were my blood kin folks. Now I do, I guess. We both needed to be example-3part mother 2part father. etc. Either way I did not have the right chemical match. So, I donored myself. It's called an auto transplant. My docter was gifted. She believed in what she was doing. Throughout the entire procedure, she kept a smile on her face, so I followed suit. I did two stem cells transplant, Feb 2005 and May 2005. I am reminded by my doctor that MM is not cureable but we can keep it in check. Sounds like a plan to me, count me in. Well this is Jul 2008 and I am still here thank God. Yea, don't forget to always say that. My checkup was two weeks ago. I did blood work and bone survey. No sign of m-protein or issues. According to medics, it.s still there. The hiding game is OK with me. Hope is always there. With a combination of Hope,faith, Insurance $$ or clinical trial(that's what I did)Things can be fruitful with long life. I am 56 but something strange happen doing the transplants. They reset the clock, I feel better, eat better, etc. I can talk forever about this, E-mail me and I will tell you what I eat mostly.

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I am so happy to hear about your transplant success. My husband is 52, was diagnosed with MM in Feb this year. He will have a harvest of his stem cells this month and the transplant in Jan. What chemo med are you on? He's on revlimid. I'm interested to hear how the transplant procedure went for you. Were you down for long? Out of work, sick, etc? It's great to hear you are feeling so well. You give me hope. God bless.

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I am another success story in Multiple Myeloma. I was diagnosed in Jan, 2003, high risk, 85% cancer cells in my bone marrow. Immediately started chemo, had two stem cell transplants and went into remission in July 2003 (between the transplants). I have taken other chemo drugs since to hold the remission, but in Jan 2008 stopped all drugs. I just went back to my cancer clinic in Little Rock, AR two weeks ago and got the best report yet--Complete remission and blood has totally recovered from treatment! I am 68 years old and feel great! God has truly blessed me. I would be glad to answer any questions you have about transplant although it has now been five years since mine. Things are changing for the better all the time! God bless you and your husband.

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I am not sure if we emailed eachother- I was just diagnosed last 2 weeks-- I am 47 yr old man. I am going on Rev 25mg/ Decradon 40mg plus zometa monthly. I would be more than happy to email you and your husband to share information etc. what stage was he in when diagnosed?thanks

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Hello: This is my very first post and am so new to this. My mom was dx with MM, May 2008, she had 4 cycles of doxil, velcade and steriod pills along with monthly Zometa. She will be going in on the 28th of Oct for her own stem cell harvest with a transplant to follow. My dad and myself are her only caregivers and her depression is quite serve. She is on anti-depressions, morphine and sometimes delodid for pain. I was wondering how your husband did through his harvest. The dr say one thing, but sometimes is isn't always what happens. We are heading to Univesity of MI on Oct 21st for another meeting with the BMT team and to talk to them about her neuoropathy that has developed in both legs. She is scared along with the family. My mom was 80% plasma cells but now is less than .01% due to the chemo working so well. She has has fractures, and bone abnormalities that have shown up in her scans. Any insight you might have would be greatly appriciated, so I can share it with her.

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hy...m not sure and not sure how to expres it here...m new here..my 1st time...but i just cant find better way to learn more about bone myeloma....my husband jz suspected with M-myeloma...can anyone highligh to me what is M-myeloma (am not sure how to ask proper question actually)is it cureable??oh and by d way yesterday hospital done a biopsy (is it correct term??not sure) its a procedure where they collect the bone cell from the bone marrow but unfortunately they didnt manage to get the bone sample..the doctor told me the bone is too soft all they can get is the blood sample from the bone marrow..they tried few times still so since they dont have any choice they just opt to the blodd which they said should be good enough to confirm his condition...this saturday they will give us a confirmation about that...and i am at the moment try to be realistic that my husband condition sound worse..but stil dont know how to break the news nicely and sound positive to my hubby..coz he is more fragile than me....all of our marriage years of 20 years i am the one who have to face all the hard things in our life....i think that is all for this time...looking forward to your positive sound..thanx

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Ceetee first thing to do is go to myeloma.org. This is the web site for the International Myeloma Foundation. These folks are an absolute god-send. There is more information here than you will find searching by yourself in the next 6 months. To begin call the hotline help line telephone number they have.

When my wife was diagnosed in November 2005 her local oncologist was ready to begin treatment right away without even giving us a chance to digest the diagnosis. My wife and I began a search about the cancer and the methods of treatment. This search lead us to the IMF. They answered all our questions and the end result was that our local doctor was not a specialist in dealing with MM and was prescribing a treatment plan that had been around for the last 20 years. There are many new drugs and methods of treating MM and the IMF is up to date on all of them. They are involved with the research, data gathering and have some of the worlds top-most experts on MM on their advisory board. We are convinced that their information and advice saved my wife's life.

Take heart in knowing that while MM is not a completely curable cancer there are 1000s of folks that have been living with it for 10s and 20s of years.

My wife was diagnosed very late in the process (Stage 4) yet today she is relatively healthy, enjoys an active life and plans to enjoy many more years to come.

God bless you and your husband as you begin this journey. Know too that there is light at the end of the tunnel. They have made more progress in dealing with MM in the last 10 years than they had made in the 25 years before.

Sonny and Lynn

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Hi do you have any imformation on Velcade? I have had it 12 times now. Have had some side effects. I don't know much more than that now. I have 2 weeks on chemo and 1 week off. Do you know of any one that has good results from this and is in remission. I would like to get to that point and live many more years. Any thing you know about this let me know. I am not a canadate for stem cell transplant. I am a 66 years old woman. Thanks for what you cann tell me.

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Can you get good results with just chemo and drugs? I am not a canadate for stem cell transplant. I am 66 year old woman. Can we get this in remission for a long time? I am really scared I hope someone answeres me. Thank You

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I know a 73 yr old women.
She was in stage 3 when she was diagnosed a few yrs back. In the old days, there were no velcade, so she took other medicine. She was too old for stem cell transplant. She was in remission for a few yrs. It is just recently, her IgG blood level when back up slightly.
Her doctor says, keep monitoring her closely, and gave her Revalim to take daily dosage.
So yes, you can be in remission for a few years, and if you get MM back, you take medicine to control it. So not to worry.

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How are you doing with MM now? Can you tell us what has been happening lately?

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I was identified with mm in 2005 have had a stem cell tranplant my hundred days are almost done. I've been wondering what foods should I eat after. I've been feeling really good like you said thanks God.

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