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Leaking after neobladder

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My brother is 30 and just had his bladder removed. The doctors made him a Kock pouch. He just had the catheder removed a few days ago. He is becoming very depressed because he is leaking urine. I understand that it is happening alot not just when he moves. Can someone tell me if this is normal and if it will be permanent? From what I have read some leakage is expected. He is also having alot of problems catherizing himself. He was told to do this once a day. Does anyone have suggestions?

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yes I have a neobladder ,it's almost 5 years old now. Ialso had to and still do cath in the evenings as needed now . When it all started yes I did cath sometimes 2-4 times a day .yes it was hard to get my hand to push the cath it hurt ,but it just something I got used to . as for the leaking ,train ,train ,your new bladder an the musels around it ,I dont leak anymore unless I move fast or lift something . other wise only at night when I am totaly relaxed , or medicaded .

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I have had my neobladder for about 4 1/2 months now (I'm 43), and am still working on getting some kind of control at night. During the day I'm pretty much back to normal (I just need to go a lot more often & not try to hold it to much). Anyway, for some reason I've found that the only way to make it through the night without leaking is to have a few beers (sounds weird I know), but I've tried it a couple of time and it works. I leak less or not at all? I'm thinking it's because my body doesn't shut down as much and relax my muscles enough to leak. Anyway, I don't plan on drinking every night so I'm still hoping it will get better. I'm hoping to get to that 95% retention rate my doctor said was possible...By the way, I had Stage 3 cancer (Squamous cell carcinoma), which is one the more rarer types.

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