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Hello everybody!!! Good news and hope for all of us. My husband just finished radiations and he is very well. Doctor is positive and she lets us travel to our HOMETOWN "MEXICO" LEON GTO MEXICO. I'm very happy because I'm going to see my family. All my family is living in Mexico. I live here because of my husband's job. This a good day I was waiting since last year!!!!!!.I will be out of town for 3 weeks. But I will keep you in my prayers. See you soon.....
Nubis =)

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I am so happy for you that you both get to take the trip, it sounds wonderful. I hope you both have a great time. God Bless You!

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Congratulations to you and your husband Nubis, especially for his success in completing radiation with great results! I too wish you the best of times in Mexico!

Take care,


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Have a great time!
C. Abbott

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Have a great time with your husband and your family. They well be happy to see you two, so have fun.

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So happy to hear the good news!!! I hope you and your husband have a great trip! You two deserve to have a great getaway! :)

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