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how do you sleep after surgery

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can not seem to get comfortable sleeping. i have discomfort in my side and my incision is sore. it has been 10 days after surgery and 5 days home. does it get better?

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k5000....It does get better. (right nephrectomy on 2-5-08) I suddenly felt better on day 15 (you should be there now). I think that is when I noticed the swelling was starting to go down. I just woke up that day and new I was heading in the right direction. Don't push it. It took me another 2 weeks to feel good enough to go back to work part time. I just needed to feel normal and getting back to work was the best thing for me. We all are different so what was good for me may not be good for you. Good luck with your recovery. Let me know if you need anything.

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I had a left radical nephrectomy in 2001 - and like you couldn't find any way to be comfortable. I bought a recliner that didn't recline 'too far' - and managed to curl into that to sleep at night. It does get better, though, remember that you've had major surgery and your body does take time to heal. Moderate exercise (walking) is good as well to help regain strength. Take care.

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I had a robotoic partial nephrectomy and I slept on my stomach with a pillow balled up on chest and another under my left leg to hold my abdomen off the bed. And of course I took my vicodin regularly!

Later I was able to use only the pillow under my chest to keep the pressure off the incisions. The incisions take a long time to get tough enough to sleep on!


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i fell the same way it's been 12 days from surgery and 7 days home i get about 2-3 hrs
at a time even pain meds don't help what are you doing that helps i had my right
kideny adrenal gland and lymth nodes all removed do to renal cell
carcinoma stage2 10cm

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It gets better with each day. I had my left kidney, adrenal gland and surrounding tissue remove last august. Was a stage 2, 8cm tumor. I slept a few hours each nite slept on my side when i did sleep. Eventually things will get better and you'll sleep longer and get more mobile. Just drink plenty of water try to rest as much as possible. Try to be mobile as much as your are able so as too help with you recovery but don't over do it. Good luck in your recovery!

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The medications they sent me home with knocked me out. I had laparoscopic surgery, sounds like you had traditional?? I also found "hugging" a pillow helped some. I remember feeling like I had a lot of extra...room, internally. That was uncomfortable. It definitely got better over time though I still feel pains on that side.

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But for me its has taken me two years . I can not sleep all night. In 2007 I had part of my left kidney removed/ In 2008 all of my right. My adreal glans are no longer connected . So I am still learning how to deal. For me its diffrent ,I have read about all posting and none relate to what I feel. Am new to CSN but what to see if other have exp. some of what I have.But for the most part in time all things get better. Am still here with God help. So it been a year for you How are thing now. Am a female age 53 now.I was 51 when I found out I had cancer in both kidneys.

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You will not be able to sleep very well after surgery for a few more months, suggest replacing your mattress to something very firm, go out and walk, try an ice pack on your incision area & on lower back for a few minutes before you try to sleep, yes a sleeping pill/pain pill will help just be careful. The faster you get up and move around after surgery with normal daily activities the quicker you'll be able to sleep longer, just keep taking daily naps & positive thoughts. Please feel free to email with any Questions.

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Pillows and lots of them help me to find the right spot. I have to lie on my right side (the one not operated on). It does get easier I am at 2 weeks. good luck

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