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phone buddy for mother

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My mother has been diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer (she has many tumors that have metastasized to her brain). Can anyone give me some information where to get a 'phone buddy' for her (someone in similar circumstances that she could talk to for peer support)? Any information would be appreciated. Ohilly

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I would contact the american cancer society, nearest your mother and see what support services they have to offer. I am sure their will be someone who would love to talk to your mom. There are so many support services out there, don't stop looking until you find what your looking for.

Take care and God Bless You and Your Family

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Have you asked in the chat room? I understand there is a temporary room working and some of the regulars were stage 4 lc the last time I tuned in. Also, you might try the American Lung Association near where you live. They may have a support group going. I know that in breast cancer there was an Each One,Reach One program. I loved having someone to call. But I have not heard of anything like that for lung cancer. Lung cancer is even more common than breast cancer,but I've noticed it gets lots less resources. Is she able to post questions here? I only have stage one lc with no chemo or radiation (so far) so I don't think I would be much help, but maybe the Lung Association might get you in touch with someone better. You also might call the ACS in your neighborhood or your local hospital. They would also know about support groups (or supportive people) in your area.

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The chat room is back!

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Dear Ohilly,

Did you ever find a phone buddy for your mom? I can't imagine all the stress you are going through as both a survivor and a caretaker at the same time, and it sounds like your mom's case is very serious, not that it isn't serious even when we have stage 1 cancer. I just wanted you to know I was thinking of you today. Take care!

C. Abbott

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