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radiation with vulvar cancer

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My MIL was dx with vulvar cancer recently and has to start chemo and radiation therapy Wed. She is very frightened to have the radiation because of the pain. Have any of you had radiation therapy in the vaginal or peri-anal area? Any tips for reducing the pain would be appreciated. The Dr has already told her she will need to take four Sitz baths a day.

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My name is Tina,My sister is 33 and was dx with vulvar cancer.she was a stage 3 when it was found.(1 year ago next week).she had 27 radiation treatments and didn't burn untill maybe the 3rd one.radia-gel is what thay gave her and 3-4 sitz baths a day. I went to every treatment with her because she is mentaly challanged and cant drive.I wont lie it was very painfull for her.but she got through it and it went pretty quickly.Corn starch baths help,a fan running at the bottom of her bed relieved some burning.she has been finished with her radiation treatments since feb 14th and her chemo treatments were done March 14th.I wish you all the best and my prayers are with you.any questions please don't hesitate to ask.DO EVERYTHING YOU CAN AND HALF TO... TO BEAT THIS!!!!

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I was diagnosed with vulvar squamous skin cell carcinoma last year. After surgery, I had 37 radiaton treatments. My oconolgists gave me both a liquid medication is use for the pain and a cream to treat the burns. I did very well with it. I wish that I had been aware of your problem sooner as I am sure your mil has finished her treatments by now.
I hope that she is doing well now. Perhaps we will be able to talk at some point about the type of cancer we have both had to deal with.

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