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stage IV stomach cancer and diet

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Does anybody have good guiding principles for diet (aside from avoiding sugar, raw, and fatty foods), 2 months after total gastrectomy and 1 month into chemo for stage IV stomach cancer? My husband was diagnosed with stage IV stomach cancer this April, had his stomach removed 2 days later, and is now on a 2nd round of 8 chemo treatments to be followed, most likely, by radiation. We are looking for survivors to share research, dietary, or other advice. My husband is 46 and our son is 9. We get much well-meaning advice from friends, but none specific to stage IV stomach cancer. Locally, we have found no responsive dieticians. Doctors advise cooking all veggies and all but the softest fruits (so he's eating only melon, avocado, and papaya fresh; he was eating mango and bananas but stopped after a doctor thought they might be too sugary); all else is steamed, grilled, or sauteed. They also want him to eat lots of protein and carbs--frustrating, because he's been told to avoid beans and other high-fiber sources of protein. He wants to eat lentils. Should he? One doctor said to replace most lactose-containing foods with soymilk or tofu.

Neither my husband nor I has used a chat room before, so we may need "netiquette" tips on how to proceed.

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During my chemo, my nutritionist only cared two things: protein and calories. She wanted me to not lose any more weight. Chemo and radiation usually made me lose appetite, so eating enough protein and calories every day was actually a challenge.

My nutritionist did not forbid me from eating any. Even sugar was ok when I asked her specifically.

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My dietian is from the hospital where I had my surgery. She has told me to eat high calorie and hig protein foods. Try anything just start with a miminal amount to see how I will react.
In the beginning I was loosing weigh rapidly, it took about three months before I could maintain the same weigh for a week.
I have kept my weigh the same for six weeks now, but I am sticking with the same foods pretty much to avoid cramping and excess gas. I guess you could say I am gun shy when it comes to trying new foods. She said I could try foods with sugar just start with a small number of grams and increase it till you can't tolerate it then drop down to the last amount. I have tried milk shakes but it is too rich for me and causes diarehea (sometimes) so my onocologist sugggested using half sugar free ice cream and half regurlar that seems to work better for me. Mashed potatoes with gravy, pasta and buttered bagles seem to keep my weight stable.
Have you had any problems with acid, just recently I wake up during the nigh with burning acid. Mornings are the toughest for me,it seems as the day goes on I can tolerate food better. As far beverages I drink mainly water.
Hope this was helpful.

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