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squamous cell carcinoma

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Searching for another Mom who is taking care of her sick husband. I have wonderful friends however, fortunately for them, no one has experienced this.

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I'm not a Mom but I HAD SCC in my throat and beat it. Your husband can too especially with a great wife (and you sound like you are) helping out. Any questions (lots of experience in this group)?

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I am not a mom but a man and a husband who has had squamous cell carcinoma, a 15 hour surgery, and both chemo and rads.

As train-nut points out, if we can't help with your questions, and even if you just need a sympathetic ear (or eye in this case :)) and consider us unqualified, there are others who can certainly provide support.

Best wishes to you and your husband. I think train-nut would agree that we appreciate the demanding role of the caregiver.

Take care,


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I think our caregivers are truely Angels in disquise. All I had to do was work on getting better. Jane had to worry with all the other crap and put up with my whiney butt for three full months at home let alone all the time since. Heaven holds a special, extra soft and fluffy cloud for Caregivers!

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My husband is recovering from chemo/radiation/surgery for squamous cell at the base of the tongue. My children are in their 20's and not at home. Have you looked at the Caregivers link in Discussions and Chat section? I plan on looking there too, because this road should only be traveled with others. Please don't hesitate to put anything out there for anyone of us to try to help with. I know I have learned so much in this year and I have gotten so much in the last week from caring people who are sharing your family's experience. We probably all remember this more clearly than anything in our lives. Take care.

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Hi Kellmare,
My husband is 7 Weeks out of treatment for the same thing as your husband, he is extremely tired as his white cell count is down, the doc just said for him to eat lots of junk food to bring his blood pressure back up as then his cell count will increase, the problem is my husband doesn't have any appetite to eat, do you have any natural remedies to increase his white blood cells? Thanks Di

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My husband is 14 month out of treatment, he couldn't eat, he was drinking during 10 month ENSURE PLUS with one pack of LEAN MASS COMPLEX from PROLAB. I gave him one shake as a breakfast and one for dinner, and during the day 2 ensure plus. He gain 10 pounds, It is necesary to take at least 2,000 calories per day. He was taking 2,180 calories and 132 gr protein per day.

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With great pleasue I say "ditto" to all the replies so far. I too had SCC in a tonsil early last year and thanks to medical technology, early detection, a great cancer-fighting team of talented medical professionals, and MOST OF ALL the love of my life (my wife), I am cancer-free and feeling great. I knew I loved my wife a lot before she became my wife 38 years ago, but after what I put her through last year...............well, she is a big part of the reason I am still here. And, for that I thank the Lord.

Please do reach out. There are a lot of historical posts here. Go back in time and you will see questions and answers that you may not have encountered yet. But, if you don't find what you are looking for post it here. You will be surrounded and immersed in caring, compassionate, experienced people. God Bless..........hang in...........JK

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