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husband is dying

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I have dedicated a web page to my husband, Gary Poland, My Prince! It is;


On April 28, 2008 My sweet, kind, loving, handsome, compassionate husband has been diagnosed with cancer. He has been given 3-6 months to live. I need to do this website for me and Gary. I started out doing this because I was so distraught and needed a placed to vent. Then I wanted to honor my husband. I then opened it up to you all to blog and I was amazed at the responses we are getting!!

We read the blogs together and Gary and I both cry and laugh. Gary decided he wanted to reach out to you also and he would dictate to me and I would type for him. Again, it was completely amazing the responses we were getting!

We decided to tell the raw, truth about cancer and what it really does to a strong, 2006 & 2007 NATIONAL TAE KWAN DO GOLD MEDAL winner, and his family.

We have been very honest here and will try to continue. The responses we have recieved in blogs has meant so much to us. It gives us strength when we feel weak. We thank you so much!!!! To read things from all of our family and friends...and now even people we don't know and people around the WORLD! That is amazing! We feel so blessed to have you all taking the time to read what we write and to blog us back. Thank you for helping our family fight the disease of Cancer.

Let's all pray for a miracle to whatever Higher Power you have as your own that somehow my Prince will pull out of this and we will live Happily Ever After.



We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

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I had been diagnosed and treated for teratoma or embryonal carcinoma of the testes (Lance Armstong's disease), between 1980-82, and am still alive today, despite a few frightening "detours". Had I been diagnosed just a few years earlier, I would not be writing this! Medical technology has advanced to such an extent that treatment protocols are being modified daily, thanks to the instant communication made possible by the Internet.

Just take a look at this:


Who knows what potential cures are growing in petri dishes in labs all over the world? There was hope for me. There is hope for Gary. Whether you believe in "God", "Science", or both working together, there is "Hope"!

Love and Courage!


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