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Great Book!

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After receiving my 4th copy of Lance Armstrong's book from well meaning pals, I was completely over "cancer books." BUT! I just found an awesome book that I think any woman and/or gay man will LOVE. Its called Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips by Kris Carr. Funny, uplifting, and very practical. I about spit water out my nose when I read the chapter heading "and how will you be paying for your treatment today Miss Sassy Pants?" And I found this tip very helpful. "Wear a sports bra with no metal in it to your CAT scans. This way you can avoid flashing your boob everytime you lift an arm or adjust a position."
Anyhoo - its a great read and very inspiring.

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Yes I've read it and also watch the documentary. Kris Carr was also on Oprah.


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Lisa Rose
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Hi Winediva,

I have the 2 hour documentary Crazy Sexy Cancer recorded, so if you are joining us in San Francisco at Colon Paloooza 6 I can bring it for you to watch.


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Hi winediva,

Kris Carr ROCKED MY WORLD of course since she took a similar approach to her cancer that I did so I absolutely LOVED her book too!! Glad to know you found it a great read and inspiring. She has a great website/blog thing going too. Kris Carr made me feel like I wasn't the lone voice in the wilderness about diet and cancer.

Thanks for bringing it up and passing it along.

peace, emily

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