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a good day

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I hope people are having a good day today. I am sitting in my home office window and I can see my younger children playing in the back yard with their friends. Water being splashed at each other, laughter, sunshine, something to appreciate!

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It is raining here, with occasional thunder that causes the older retriever to cling to me for dear life, and the power went out briefly...and you are right...it is a good day. It is a great day. :)

Take care,


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Posts: 18
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My dogs cling to me when it rains also. So do my children for that matter. But one of our favorite things to do, is to sit on the front porch on our lawn chairs and just watch the rain come down. Every once in a while, the kids say can we go in it. My husband and I just look at each other and tell them go ahead. Then it is sitting and watching them dance around in it. I can't deny the occassional walk with my spouse in the pouring rain also. I truly am blessed. Hey Joe, thank you for sharing a piece of your day with me and giving me that memory and smile.

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Hey, send some of that rain to Delaware. We are bone dry and hot today, at least where I am, and the garden needs some moisture. It was a great day here anyhow. I went horseback riding! First time in about 25 years I think, and back then it was a rare event too. A friend invited me to come over to exercise her horse. I managed around her pasture on her 24 year old quarter-horse (whatever a quarter horse is) and I practiced trotting and turning. Somehow I managed not to fall off, get bitten, or even yell when the horse spooked two black snakes that raced off in a hurry. I might go again this summer if I can. It was lots of fun! Life is good, rain or sunshine when you can have fun.

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I have non small cell lung cancer stage 4. Right now, I still hold on to the thought that everyday I wake up and my feet hit the floor, life is still good!

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