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ct results etc...

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My mom recently had her 1st ct after 12 rounds of folfox + avastin. Scan shows no new mets, and no disease progression. She had nodules on her liver before surgery, but doc says again no disease progression. Why wouldn't he be more concerned with nods on liver? He also mentioned that you can't rely on just one test. DX in Nov. 07 stage IV. Also, she just had her first round folfox avastin without oxyliplatin and seems to not have any adverse reactions. I'm interested in knowing about the magnesium and calcium for her that has been mentioned by a few here. Is it a supplement? My mom worries that with there being nodules in her liver that the doctor is not being agressive enough. Any one have nodules in liver that can shed some light on this? I'm considering a second opinion for her. She is overall feeling very well and all labs look good, no ascites, cea continues to decline. Just a little confused, makes me wish i had gone to med school so i could be more up to speed.

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I was on FLOFOX (lecovorin, oxyplatian & 5FU) and received magnesium and calcium by IV first(20 mins) before receiving any of the chemo drugs. Apparently they found that this chemo cocktail decreased ones magnesiuma nd calcium levels. I did not have issues with either of these. I did not have the Avastin.

Second and third opinions are always good to get. I would recommend that she receives these.

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Not sure what you mean by nodules, but liver "cysts" can be a normal varient in a liver (google: liver cysts). I have several that were there before diagnosis. They tend to just watch them year to year on CT scan to see if they change. They are non malignant. The magnesium and calcium are given to ward off the peripheral neuropathy that you have seen posted on this board most recently. It is GREAT that she is feeling well. Good luck to you and your mom. It certainly can get overwhelming sometimes.
xoxoxo, Cheryl

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I think the doctor meant potential mets on liver. Nodules are raised bumps greater than 10mm. From what I understand, without a biopsy you can't tell what they are. After her surgery, the surgeon said she saw a spot on the liver but it didn't look suspicious. Thank you for the info about the cysts, I pray that is what these, nodules or mets really are. I know that she has neuropathy, but people that have received the infusion as part of the study were not on a supplement. I'm wondering if anyone has taken a supplement, after discontinuing oxliplatin and found it helpful.

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Hi there! I just had my pre-treatment CT for stage 4 colon cancer a few weeks ago. Its showed a couple of "tiny spots" on my liver that my oncologist said were too small to determine exactly what they are. Could be nothin, could be futher mets. In any case, if it makes you feel better - she advised a "wait and see" with these as well. I am on a very similar drug combo as your Mom. I had my second treatment today - folfox 5FU with Oxiliplatin, Leukovorin, and Avastin. Ten more to go before the end of the year!

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I'm sorry I can't answer your specific questions but wanted you to know how lucky your mom is to have you as her advocate.

A second set of eyes is never a bad thing. It's great her CEA continues to decline and that her blood work looks good.

Keep us posted on her progress.



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