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Many of you have read previously information that I have posted. It has been five months since my husbands diagnosis with GBM. After his first round of Temador and his 6 weeks of radiation therapy he became so physically sick, he could not get up, turn over, or walk stairs. At this time there is NO treatment that can cure GBM and the only treatment around prolongs life to a minimuim not even years only months. The ill effects that the chemo and radiation alone brought took away his quality of life. Quality not quanity is the most important thing with thie disease. Becoming ill from treatments watching yourself go from being a productive member in society to depending on everyone is wo down grading I do not wish it on anyone. It was at this point the hardest decision had to be made. NO more treatments no more added problems to the disease itself. Sure there still will be the memory loss, confusion, dependencey but there will not be medication induced problems that will only prolong life by weeks or a few weeks at the most. Why would anyone put there loved ones through more pain and suffering than need be knowing there is not a cure? Realistically, it is not always in the best interest of the patient to do this. Yes, he was at one of the best brain and trauma centers, where there theory was try this try that and then one Dr.s said to us think about only him and no one else, what he is about to endure in future months. Is quality months better than quanity months? You bet it is. I do suffer everyday with this choice and it is hard watching him lay in bed for 18 hours a day but he is sleeping, now being poked and probed, being put on this and then that and feeling ucky all the time. All patients and family members if you someone with GBM IV think about the patient and what lies ahead of them and the dignity that this disease will strip them of and it will. Think quality and not quanity of time they will have. Remember it is the patient who needs to be addressed. I thank this dr. because since he is no longer on treatment he is feeling much better. No more poison in his blood to bring on any negative effects he does not need. Thanks for listening and remember hospital especially teaching ones they want to learn at the cost, many times of a loved one for the future.


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    I'm so sorry for what your family is going through. I agree with you whole heartily. However my mom wanted everything they had to offer, it was hard and very expensive, she passed away 17 months after DX.
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    Hi my fiance of 5 years has glioblastoma,found in is in his speech area,and has already affected his speech.he is doing things on his own,eating dressing himself,showering,and has his right mind,just cant talk and express himself. He is in speech therapy,and it seems to help some.I work with him every eve.he has had one week treatment of kemo pills,he is off them now for 3weeks,and now he starts radation on 3 small spots,the are using the gamma radiation on them.I have to say Im lost .....scared,and just dont know what to do.I cant imagine what you are going through.God Bless you and your family