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A Big Week

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Hi All,
Just checking in. This past week was quite big for me. It was exactly a year ago that I finished up chemo for stage III rectal cancer. Our counties Relay for Life was last Saturday. I was interviewed on the radio and on the front page of the paper sharing my story. My mother is a very talented watercolor artist and donated 70 paintings of which 65 sold!!! (100% donated) The event went well and a lot of money was raised even though it was a small turnout.

I also had my checkup yesterday. All labs came back beautiful. Iron levels are finally in normal range. CEA is a lovely 0.21!!!! The next appointment in September is the big one!!! CT/PET scan for the 2 year mark and if it comes back clear I get the port removed.

One other milestone for me was when I went to my checkup I finally felt like being a cancer patient didn't dictate my life. Last fall I was still having issues with separation anxiety from my doctors as I transitioned from patient back to living a "normal" life. When I saw my oncologist it was nice to see him, but I was most happy to be done and out of there and keep moving forward with my life.

I am taking a road trip by myself next week and going to go visit my college friends over the 4th. I am also going to go stay in my hometown and visit family and friends. I really need this time to reconnect with the "old" me. For a while battling cancer consumed so much of me, I am finally feeling like I am ready to start moving forward with my life, never forgetting what I have been through, but at peace with it.


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I'm new here and don't know u but I'm so happy after reading your post, so nice and so positive. BIG CONGRATS to you!!!!

Your Mom is an angel. Our nearest Relay is the end of July, I hope to have a team in place and am thinking of some good fund raisers.

Enjoy your road trip....God Bless you :)

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Great news on your check up! It will be good to have those two years behind you. My husband is not far behind and will be at his two year mark in December. Yes, it is time to move on with your life.. although there are parts that we don't want to forget..it makes us appreciate the normal everyday life a little more. Have a great road trip! Enjoy each day!


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Have a great trip. You've earned it!


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This is all great to hear. Actually, it almost sounds like me!

Our Relay for Life is this Friday and I know I'll bawl like a baby walking that first lap. They play sad music and I'd wish they would play happy music!

You enjoy everything, I sure am.

Nice to hear your story

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Congratulations on your last check up,and best wishes for the uncoming one, my 2 years check up is coming in August,I am too feeling great going to a family reunion at Hilton head S.C. in a couple of weeks and planing to enjoy fisrt of all, family and then the ocean,will forget about my Drs. appoitments in August.

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Wonderful news and congrats!

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Kiersten, you put into words so well a description of that transition from cancer patient to survivor to almot post-survivor mentality. That adjustment back to life is difficult but exhilirating at the same time. Some of us wear battle scars, but we are ready to return to life and join in on all its beauty and wonder again. Great job on your relay for life and your moving forward in life. Keep us posted!

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Great news! Have a good vacation.


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What great news. I am so happy for you.


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