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3 Month Check Again

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Well it was a stressful week---again. These three month check ups come up so quickly. My husband had another full day of tests and CT scans. Dx in Sept 06 with stage 3b. Chemo, radiation, resection, and more chemo. It is always so stressful waiting for those results. Once again he is in the clear!!! Yeah!!

I just want to encourage all of the people starting out on the journey. We wondered how we would ever get through it, but we did---or I should say my husband did. He is doing great, feeling good and is cancer free. We are celebrating this weekend and going on vacation to Mexico with our two kids next week. We are one happy family!

I don't post as often as I used to, but I visit this site every day and keep all of you in my prayers. I can honestly say that this site was a huge help in coping with this disease. Thanks to all of you who make this site what it is! Have faith and keep on believing!


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Hi Faith,
Similar name and similar story we have..

My husband was dx'd April 07 with stage 3c (12 nodes) and had resection and then Folfox for 6 months. He finished up in December and now struggling with bad neuropathy. He is due for a colonscopy in August but other than blood work every couple months, has had no scans, which I kinda think unusual.

I am glad you are both doing well and getting on with your life. That is so encouraging.
Yes, there is a light at the end of the tunnel and we must just keep the faith.

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Hi Faith88!
My husband had (and still does) neuropathy as well. It has slowly improved over time. I hope your husband begins to see an improvement as well.

We see two different doctors who partner together. One likes to do CT scans every 6 months for the first two years. The other wants to do them every 3 months. We have been bouncing back and forth between the two. It sounds like we will go back for blood work only in 3 months and for another CT scan in 6 months. Be sure to ask questions about the CT scans if you are concerned. It causes a lot of stress while waiting for results, but it sure makes us feel better to be sure.

I hope you two are able to move on as well. My thoughts are with you as he continues to recover.


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I am so happy and relieved for you, your husband, and your family.

Now for the next 3 months, live life FREE!


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Hi again Faith,
just wanted to ask you how long was it till your hb started to see improvement in his neuropathy?
Was he on the Folfox for 12 treatments?
I'm hoping that mine will see improvement soon as it's hard to watch him not able to do things and sometimes in pain (hands).
Thanks for the suggestion about the scans. I will ask when he next goes in to see his oncologist. Meanwhile keep the Faith! and enjoy each and every day!

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My husband started seeing an improvement after just 6 weeks of finishing his chemo. The Mayo only recommended 8 treatment of Folfox--1 treatment every two weeks. He did have 5FU and radiation for 6 weeks before surgery as well. His neuropathy was getting worse towards the end of his Folfox treatments, so I'm sure it would have been much worse if he would have had 12 treatments. It has been improving over time does not keep him from doing what he wants to do.

Sorry that your husband is still suffering from this. I hope with time it improves to a more tolerable level.Until then, I hope the two of you can still enjoy life and relax a little now that the treatments are over!

Take Care!

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My husband (diagnosed stage 3 rectal cancer Jan.06)just had his 6 month pet scan. It showed some activity in the rectal area this is normal for him because of scar tissue and inflammation from radiation. It also showed a mass in his L parotid gland. He had a lump about a year ago in this area due to an infection following an EGD procedure the lump disappeared with antibiotics but since then pet scans seem to reveal something in this area. His oncologist thinks this is nothing. Also on his previous scan showed a liver lesion which was not there on this pet scan. I want to think this was a good scan. Has anyone had activity on pets like this?


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Yay for being in the clear! Enjoy the good feeling!


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Congrats on your hubbies good scans!! Enjoy and celebrate. Your post is a great thing for all the newbies. HUGS.

Lisa F

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Prayers are coming your way that all goes well with your husband's scans.

God bless,


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