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What is the process/to get a diagnosis if cancer has metasised

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Metasised cancer was found on my mom's bones all the way up into her head. Its on her ribs, back arms neck and into her head. They just did a biopsy of her bone marrow from her hip. The problem is she is in alot of pain but it takes 2 weeks to get the results from that and we have to hope that they can get a reading from that or they will have to go in the spine to get some tissue. Every thing is taking time and I would think that she needs to start treatment.

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I know bone tumors are painful. my dad has kidney cancer which spread to his femur. It seems to take forever!!! He was diagnosed on 4/20/08 and did not have treatment until the middle of May. The Docs wanted to make sure they had all the info they needed, and it does take a while....for everyone it seems on this site. I promise its for good reason. Stay strong and never stop praying!!

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