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CT results

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Well finally got CT results. It says lots of soft tissue changes in entire abdomen. When I asked the nurse they assumed it was adhesions but since I have no uterus, ovaries, Rt kidney, colon,gallbladder, rectum or anus theres not really much left to keep the rest "in place". Is says there is part of small bowel down in lower pelvis. Now after so much trouble with diarrhea and so many meds for that, it has gone the other way. Last night I fell asleep on the couch and woke up needing to go to bathroom and forgot about pump and pulled out the needle and all so had to go in first thing this morning and get the rest of my 5fu infused quickly and my port flushed. Not feeling very well tonite at all. I guess thats from getting so much at one time. still dont have results from bowel specimens to find out what caused all the diarrhea but it sure looks like its all chemo related to me. I still have the mass on my adrenal gland and also in the liver but no changes since oct last year in them so i guess thats a good sign.

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My mom had her first cat scan wednesday morning. She just finished 12 Folfox + avastin. I'm so nervous I could puke. She doesn't ever want to talk to the doctor so I've called to see what the results are prior to her learning. I just don't know what to expect. I hope her results are good. I think your no changes result is great. That is what I hope for for my mom. YOu know, just something to give her hope. She's only 59 years old, her dx was a complete shock. I'll keep you in my prayers Deb.

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Deb: You obviously have a rough road ahead and have had more than your share or problems so far, who do you have to help you? You can't do this, or shouldn't have to, all by yourself.

I know your daughter my not be too helpful right now, is there a friend, friends, or relative who can help?

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