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tumor went through intestine wall

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Hi everybody.
My husband was dx with colorectal cancer on may 2006 . His tumor was huge and went through intestine wall and attached itsef to surrounding tissue. Did anybody have similar situation? After surgery/resection of colon and rectum/ and 8rounds of chemo he was clean for almost 2 years. A month ago he had PETscan and it lighted up in two spots- his adrenal glands/ how unusually- I wrote about it in previous post/and close to the resection area. We were too scare to ask what stage it was before but I am sure now it is at least III .Is there anybody who can explain this to me? I thought that because his limph nods came negative /13 of them/ that he has no cancer cells in his blood. Were there any active cells in tissue that chemo didn.t kill?
Today is the last day of his new chemo /5fu,irinotecan erbitux instead of avastin/ Oncologist ordered some genetic test to check if erbitux will work
I had bad fillings
I pray for him a lot and for all of you out there

Iwould like to thank everybody for answering my desperate cry for answers, My husband's cancer spread to adrenal glands and today I drove him for his second sesssion of chemo- he has to be admitted to hospital for that-we like it that way because of his history of infections and blood clots /each session lasts 3 days/ He is gettig irinotecan and erbitux - no more avastin /avastin could cause more blod clots/
First session was a killer- he was wiped out for a week but after 7 days he started to eat like he never saw food before-everything what he found in fridge.

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Surgeons check as many lymph nodes as they deem appropriate. My surgeon checked over 30 and found 6 affected. I think with cancer we are always trying to keep ahead of it. As for the chemo, the worst side effects I had was extreme fatigue and nausea for a couple of days. The Erbitux can cause rashes throughout the body. Keep the faith and be strong. This is just another bump on the road. He was cancer free for two years, and we will pray that he will be cancer free again for many more. Monica

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I'm praying for you and your husband.


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I don't have answers for you but I will keep you and your husband in my thoughts and prayers. I think you should ask about the staging of his cancer though. Hugs to you, Audrey.

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