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Good Day

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HI all hope you all had a great Day.
An I hope tomorrow is better

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Well Gregg I hope you had a great day too. I am new to this website and was looking for advice from people who have had carcinoid lung cancer. I had 3/4 of my lung taken out and I didn't need chemo or radiation I just have to keep going back to make sure it didn't spread. I have been really upset lately I don't know what i convinced myself when I had the operation in November but some how i didn't believe that it was cancer until I saw it in black and white that i did. I worry all the time, I am 40 and my husband seems to be insensitive when i tell him whats wrong or he see's my crying. He just tells me to be thankful it is gone and to get over it. I need somebody to talk to that has gone through a similar experience. Sorry for venting at you and I hope that you are ok and doing well i feel a little bit better getting some of this off my chest. thanks again!

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Hey Hanna, Sorry your Hubby is not more supporitive, just remember that the cancer is gone, and you are feeling fine today. Do not worry about tomorrow, today. Enjoy what you are doing right now. Thats all really anyone can do wheither they have had cancer or not.
I to have had lung cancer 2 times once in each lung 3 1/2 years apart. I never had chemo or radiation either. Thats been 20 yrs ago. I still go every year for my x ray. When I first started I went every month then every 2 mos and then 6 mos and then I had to start all over when they found it in my other lung, so you see I have been going for check ups a long time. I still get nervous when I hear them flipping my x rays around out side of the Dr's office before she comes in. I had 2 different kinds of cancer I had large cell in my left lung ( they removed half ) and adinocarcenoma in my right lung ( they removed a little over 1/4th ) so I knnow some of what you are going through. My husband and family didn't let me feel sorry for myself either, but they were very supportive. If you would like to email me I would love to talk to you. My email is lagovistababe6@att.net

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Today was unusual for me. I was called into work rather out of the blue--I usually have summers off. Unfortunately a coworker had to leave to go take care of her son, a cancer survivor at 14. He had to have heart surgery thanks to some scar tissue around his port. He was so looking forward to getting that thing out! The good news is that he weathered the surgery just fine and is already sitting up the day after. I will be needed at work for the next couple of weeks, so there goes some of the lazy boring summer days! I am glad he is better anyhow. Hope you are too! I hear we should all go out and watch the moon rise tonight: it is very close to the horizon and will appear bigger than normal. Enjoy!

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Its been a long day for me. Mom's surgery was moved up to today, so it was a long difficult days.

HANNA: I am so sorry to hear that your husband isn't being real supportive. You have every right to be worried and upset. Its a scary thing going through that surgery and getting the diagnosis of cancer. You have come to the right place. I joined last week and if it wasn't for all the great people who have helped me by supporting me, offering prayers, and sharing their experiences I would not have been able to get through this day as strong as I did. My mom has breast cancer and lung cancer(well they are pretty sure it is lung cancer and not the breast cancer spreading but they will find out when the path reports come back next week,)Dealing with cancer is not something you just "get over". You are in my thoughts and prayers. Keep your head up!
cabbott-glad the boy did good through his surgery! And the moon was beautiful!

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Thanks for getting back to me so quick and again if there are any questions about your mom's lung surgery don't hesitate to ask. Your mom sounds like a fighter just like I am. She will come through this OK!!! And she will feel after about 8 to 12 weeks so much better and healthier. She will say to herself I should have done this a long time ago! I was so sick it is just a blessing to finally feel like a human being and to enjoy life. You will be surprised at how fast your mom will recover in the hospital. 10 years ago we would have been in the hospital with the same surgery months. Now they kick you out. You tell your mom to stay in the hospital as long as she needs to feel comfortable to go home. The doctor will keep her in if she wants. Make sure you so ask about her night? How was she did she have any problems because they sometimes don't tell the family if they had a rough night unless you ask. I had a rough night in ICU I spiked a fever, and they never told my mother. So just make sure you ask a lot of questions to the nurses that will care for your mom over the next week. I am so glad I had my mom she stayed with me every day and went to a hotel near by to sleep. So i was only left alone at night to sleep. Make sure you bring a book or knitting or something to do because she will sleep a lot. I didn't feel like eating either but my mom and sister kept after me by nagging until i did. Also nag her to do those silly breathing exercises she will bring that home with her. It is really important to get all that junk out of her chest, it makes it that much easier to get better. She may not remember much about the first few days I know i don't but i was on alot of morphine it was a continuous drip i didn't want to be on one that i had to push every few minutes because i didn't want to be in any pain especially if i fell asleep. So you are not alone and your mom is very lucky to have a daughter like you by her side. So if she snaps at you while your at her side don't take offense its the medication and the pain. She's got a long journey to recovery but the time will go by fast and she will be feeling great! Cancer makes everything inside us bad it is like poison, but as soon as it is removed it is like starting a new life that you appreciate that much more! God bless and take care there are a lot of people praying for your mom!

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