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my sister

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My sister was dign. with lung cancer in 11/06 she had half her lung removed along with part of her clavicle and part of her 1st 3 ribs. She was getting really bad headaches in feb and march they determined she had a brain tumor that had spread from her lung. She had some of the tumor removed and everything was going great. She then had a massive stroke 2 weeks after the surgery. She is in rehab now. Last week she had a seizure so they did a brain scan and discovered that the radiation didnt shrink what was left of the tumor and they found another lesion growing next to the tumor. I am her primary care giver and I dont know how much more she can take or what her future is but my mother keeps insisting that I put her in a nursing home and forget about her.I cant do that. She is still fighting even after all of this. And the doctors havent given up either. If anyone has any ideas on how to deal with pushy releatives please let me know.

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Unless your mother is the one caring for your sister, the decision is not hers. I recall a quote from somewhere that said, "These are the times that try men's souls." When these extreme crises enter our lives we often have to 'disconnect' from the external influences (your mother) and center down to what we know is the right thing and then just DO IT.

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My mom was just recently diagnosed with breast cancer and lung cancer(two unrelated cases). They did a lumpectomy on her breast and tomorrow will be the surgery to remove the lump in her lung. They caught hers early and I am just beginning on this journey. Also my husband's grandmother has brain cancer GBM the really aggressive kind. While I haven't had to deal with this particular problem I will tell you this. Block everyone else out and focus on you and your sister. What is best for her, what she would want. And most importantly never give up hope. A frind of mine's little boy was diagnosed with a rare cancer and they gave him 10-20% chance of surviving and really didn't give her any hope and he has beat it twice now. The doctors don't know everything. If your sister wants to fight it then that is what should be done, not what other relatives think should be done. I just wanted you to know you are in my thoughts and prayers.

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