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Hi Everyone. My dad (53) was recently diagnosed with advanced renal cell carcinoma. It has spread from his kidney to his liver and his lung. Recently he had his left femur removed because the cancer had also spread to his bone and is slowly recovering. He is on Toricel. He has not had his kidney removed as his doctor said his liver was a major concern and did not want to delay chemotherapy. Normal Liver function levels are from 300-600 and my dad was at 3,000. In the last 4 weeks his liver levels have been brought down to 720. The doctors are pleased. I'm assuming that means somehow the chemo is working. I'm hopeful. I dont know why, but I am. He's young and tough - I thought if anyone could beat this it's my dad. I am 5 months pregnant with his first grandchild so I am hoping this gives him reason to look forward. Sure I may be bias, but he is the most honest, giving person I have ever met in my life. I just dont know why good people's crosses are so heavy to bear sometimes. He was diagnosed on the 20th anniversary of my grandfather dying from stomach cancer, so I will remember that date well.

I was wondering if anyone had any advice, what the next step may be if his condition continues to improve. I appreciate anything.

Thanks so much for listening... please know when I pray for him I pray for all of you as well.


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    Hi! My Dad was also diagnosed with RCC in March. He's 69. He had surgery on a rib that had a spot on it and that's how we found out it was RCC. Since all the test, he had it on the left kidney, right 5th rib, and right femur bone. They put him on Nexavar and after 2 surgeries, he is now in remission. He was told Thurs. by his cancer Dr. that he was the only case he knew of that had gone into remission with RCC. It has already been in his lymph nodes but the Nexavar has had a miraculous effect on the RCC. He will begin next week with one pill a day of Sutent for the rest of his life. His Dr. is so excited about the results as are we. Next, he will have open heart surgery due to his main aorta closing up. This was being watched for two years by his cardiologist and he says it needs to be taken care of now. Then he also has a 4.6 cm aneurysm in his abdomen. He is tired, the chemo wore him down alot...lost most of his hair...mouth ulcers...loss of appetite...lost 22 pounds during the seven weeks of chemo...but now, he is slowly returning to his old self...but he's disappointed in learning that he was not and would never be rid of RCC...realizing that this will eventually take him out...but his faith in God has grown stronger than ever with all of this tragedy...My Dad sounds alot like your Dad...honest, loving, giving, loves life. I hope your Dad is doing good....God Bless!!!!I will pray for you too!!!!
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    Kidney cancer
    It sounds like your dad has the same type of renal cancer as I they tell me that its only 10%of the population of the UK,I have been on interferon for about seven months (with some funny side Effects!!!
    If anyone has more information about Sutent,Avastin,Nexavar or Torisel the issues her are that we have a group called NICE which is considering with drawing them like all these people they know the price of every thing and the value of nothing.