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Full-time work

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I have been finished with treatments - chemo & radiation since January 08. I have been working on-call (when I want to). I would like to work full-time again but would like feedback from others on how you are doing working full-time since treatments.

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I was fortunate in that I was able to work a couple of hours a day through my tx. About midway through my tx. I got really sick (the Docs suspended my tx. for seven days) and was not able to work at all. When we started back in tx., I went back to working a couple of hours a day. I went back to working full time the week following my last tx. I had 56 radiation treatments (2 a day) and chemo (cisplatin) weekly. I finished my last tx. mid August 2007. We all heal at different rates. I was very fortunate that I recovered as quickly as I did.

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My last treatment was 3/28/07 and I went back to work full time 6/01/07. I had lost alot of weight which made me feel some better but was still weak as a kitten. I could no longer lift water heaters into the back of my truck and things like that. I have been getting stronger as time passes but felt I needed to step things up a bit and have started working out in our weightroom here at work and feel MUCH better now, lighter and stronger.


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I think it is different for each person. Some heal faster and some recover their energy faster than others. It also depends on what kind of work you do, I guess. You are the only one that knows if you are up to working full time.

I've had radiation several times and the last few times I have worked in the morning, go to treatment and then home to take a nap. When treatment finishes, I still work part time for a little while, at least until I recover my strength because radiation usually leaves me very tired. I am also sleepy, don't know if it is because of the nausea pills or the radiation. It all depends on how I am feeling.

You be the judge. Take it slowly at first and see how it goes. We are all different.

All the best,

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