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Brain "cyst"

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Has anyone here heard of a malignant brain "Cyst"? My MIL has a growth in the cerebellum and is having tremors in her hand and walks like a drunken sailor. We are waiting for the results of the MRI.

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not sure how to answer your question.

I've not heard of a Malignant brain cyst, I've been told you only KNOW that it is malignant by Biopsies. I hope that MRI tell you something and she gets help soon.
Hang in there,

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Are you not talking about Meningioma tumors that are benign but can cause various function losses dependant upon the size. They are rarely malignant if in fact that what this is but they can be treated by radiation or surgery. I have one about the size of a BB that they are going to keep a look at in the future. They said it was incapsulated and is no threat and that most people have them but most never cause any problems.

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My 19 year old daughter has recently had a malignant meningioma removed and undergone radiotherapy.

The docs described it to me as a malignant cyst which I queried and thay said it was another way of describing a tumour. She seems to be doing fine - they got it early, thank the Lord, and it is a very rare thing but meningiomas can be malignant aand when they are they are very aggressive, as opposed to the benign version.

Hope all is well with you

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