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Many of us on this site are very familiar with Kerry, who has been very active on this board for many years. Right now she is experiencing a very tough time and could TRULY use prayers, vibes, and whatever "Mojo" we can muster up for her to ease her into a more peaceful progression. I am sharing this information for several reasons:

She has always been the picture of class and elegance and has been such a great friend, dare I say "sister," to so many on this board;

She has faced numerous obstacles in this battle, and unfortunately, some of them are getting the best of her;

I believe in strength of prayer and camaraderie that only this site can give.

Many of us email outside the parameters of this site, but I think everyone who knows Kerry would want to know this information.

Thank you SO much, hugs to everyone,


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I have just said a prayer for Kerry.

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Stacy, I know of Kerry's need for our strength. She has my admiration and deep respect. Praying for her here in western New York!

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I was wondering...hoping she was better and off to exotic places...haven't heard anything...

My prayers are already hers at night...

Hugs, Kathi

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Kerry was so kind and supportive when I first joined this site ... We were planning to meet in London last year and I am so sorry that never happened. It really upsets me to hear that she is suffering.

Hugs and prayers


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There is Power in Prayer!!! Miss Kerry will be in mine.

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Of course that I remember Kerry and I agree with you Stacy, she is the picture of class, my prayers will include her in a very special way, I do believe in the power of God.

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God bless you beautiful Kerry...Prayers from California are coming your way!!


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Thanks for posting this. I have been thinking about Kerry recently.
I am sending positive energy her way.

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May God Bless! I will pray for you! God is good!

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God - We uplift Kerry to be surrounded with Your peace, grace, love, and courage at this time in her life.

Much love,

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Said a special prayer for Kerry and will keep her in my thoughts and prayers. May God Bless you during this time.


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I have not been on the site for a while -- thank you for keeping us updated. Please tell Kerry she has made a difference for my husband and myself. Everyone here is daily in my prayers, but I have added another special prayer for Kerry. Please let her know she is not alone and will be kept in our thoughts and prayers...Mary Kay

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Everyone here is always in my prayers but I will send Kerry extra prayers and good vibes in her trying time.

Lisa F.

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Prayers and good vibes from Florida for this special lady.

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Kerry has touched so many of us here; she was one of my "first responders" and extended a hand of friendship. Her support was helpful in so many ways. I'm sorry I did not get to meet her personally, especially at the Palooza she helped to host.
Please let her know that her help has impacted so many people here; her grace under pressure has been so remarkable as she struggled with all the stuff this disease has thrown at her.
I will continue to hold her in my thoughts and prayers so that she can manage this stage of her journey. Judy

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Thanks for posting this, Stacy. And you're right - Kerry is a model of class and elegance. She is also one of the most beautiful people I know, both on the outside and on the inside. Kerry is wonderful, she is warm, kind, friendly and caring. A truly beautiful woman. She always inspires me with her grace.

Many prayers, good thoughts and hope are lifted up for Kerry.

Much love to Kerry, her family and her friends.


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Kerry was one of the very first people to respond to my first posting back in June 2005. I felt so welcomed - she seemed like such a lovely woman and I am sorry I never met her personally. I have been thinking of her often recently.

I am sending good thoughts and prayers for her to find peace at this time.


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Joined: Nov 2007

As a realtive newcomer, I didn't know Kerry, but heart and prayers go out to both she and her family.


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Thank you for posting this message. My prayers are with Kerry everynight, Audrey.

Posts: 133
Joined: May 2008

I'm a relative newcomer, but a great believer in the power of prayer. I've just said one for Kerry and will keep her inmy prayers.


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Joined: Mar 2004

Prayers from S.C. just sent.

God bless,

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I remember talking to Kerry during one of the paloozas, what a special lady. My prayers and positive vibes are being sent her way.


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I was sadly informed by Emily back in January or so that Kerry was not doing well. I will keep her in my thoughts and prayers over the coming weeks. She was also one of the people that I remember who responded to me when I had questions. She is a fellow MD patient.
Although I never met her in person she touched my life as she has touched many others on this forum.
Thank you Kerry,
Susan H.

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Joined: Jul 2004

sending thoughts and prayers.
keep the faith.
be well
never,ever give up!!

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I'm so sorry to hear this.I was getting worried about Kerry since we haven't heard from her lately. Thank you for the information. On her last update on her webpage, she stated she was trying a new clinic. I will say a special prayer for her. Please let us know if you hear any more news about her. Thanks,

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Joined: Feb 2008

Sending prayers from North Carolina...


kristasplace's picture
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Joined: Oct 2007

I don't know if i knew Kerry. I would probably recognize her userID if she was active on this site around the time i joined back in August or September. Irregardless, i believe in the power of collective mass energy, and i will add mine to the growing vibes of positive thoughts, and hope and pray that Kerry overcomes all illness.

Many hugs,

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Kerry, you and your family are in my thoughts. you are truly a wonderful person.


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Kerry has been a source of inspiration for me. She is a classy Texan with "True Grit". I'm sorry to hear she is experiencing a tough time. Sending my thoughts an prayers to her and her family.

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Kerry is in my thoughts and prayers. God Bless!


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Thanks Stacy,

Sending love to ((((((((KERRY)))))))

peace. emily

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