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Still doing good

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I have had such a time lately trying to get here to post. It's not for lack of trying , but well things are a bit hectic right now with my work and I've had a multitude of computer issues. Bob, my hubbyk is still doing very well, (thanks to God) Had "emergency" surgery 2 weeks ago to remove the port and dislodge the piece that broke off and is lodged in an artery that goes to his heart . Unfortunately, they are unable to get the lodged piece, but radiologist believes that skin has formed over it and it won't go anyplace. I guess time will tell and by the grace of God , we've beaten so many things so far. It's rare, but of course, those who know our journey , know most of it has been rare. Next ct will be July 1 and then it's a slew of appts including another colonoscopy after that. As always I'll be bordering on pins and needles as I know you all who have gone thru the waiting game are but it's something that I've now come to accept every 3 months and have to believe that I will be able to breath a sigh of relief at an all clear at the end. For you newbies, keep the faith. For you oldies (like me) keep the faith. Count each day's blessings , even the not so good days blessings, because each day is a blessing in and of itself.

Hugs and God Bless.

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Hi Diane,
I love your sign in name; some days it seems that all we have is hope! I shot a clot from the port to my lung and had one lodged in my neck during chemo...no problems ever came of it, after the initial pain. I'm thinking your doc must be right about the broken part of the port; seems they would be able to track movement if it weren't being held in place by something?
My scans are now every 6 months, and I hear the results of my latest tomorrow. I find myself back here at the boards so much more often when I'm around my check up dates. This will be 4 years post chemo for me; since treatment all has been well. You are so right about enjoying each day. Wishing you and hubby good results.
All the best, Judy

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Glad to hear that Bob's surgery went well! I will be thinking of you and praying for another good report on July 1st. I do understand the pins and needles feeling. We will be going in for appointments on the 18th of this month for another 3 month check. It will be great to breath that sigh of relief!


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I'm glad to see you are doing good even with set backs. I'm sending my good vibes for July 1st report. I also had a clot in my arm from the port and sometimes still have pain in my are since they couldn't get it out. Sometimes our new 'normal' is hard but the alternative is not acceptable. HUGS and sending my prayers.

Lisa F.

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