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Ham vs. Bacon problem

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I am 15 months post tx and still can not taste ham but can taste bacon. Has this or anything like it happened to anyone else???


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I could tast onions but not garlic for a long time. Garlic is now back and I am so happy. Most meat is hardly worth the effort (although I like bacon and sausage). 2.5 years for me and sweet is still a very faint taste. I keep going back to things and trying them though because it still keeps changing. Good luck.

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I am almost 1 year out and can taste ham fine and it's easy to swallow. Although I can taste bacon, I have a difficult time swallowing it. All of the little pieces get hung up in the back of my throat and I have to wash it down with lots of water so it's not worth the effort.

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I have not had that problem but I like my bacon nearly raw (I know, I know, it's bad for me like that...lol)so I dont get alot of small cruchy pieces. Coleslaw on the other hand is nearly hell itself and is the one thing I can still count on to hang up and gag me.


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I have the same issue with ham. It's easier to swallow than bacon. It just doesn't have any flavor. Also, I don't recall bacon being as salty as it is today. Even the low sodium is too salty for me. I stay away from it for that reason. I'm ten months post Tx.

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I find that my tasting ability varies from day to day. I think that it's dependent on the quality and quantity of my saliva. I'm mostly into textures. Crunchy is good. Still need liquids to wash things down. Suggestion for cole slaw - I like KFC's which is chopped up into itty bitty pieces.

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