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Will Be Out Of Touch

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I will be out of touch and on vacation from 14 - 21 June, but will think of my family here every day as I do now.

It is hard to explain, but sometimes I still find it hard to believe that I am NED. It still goes through my mind everyday, I still think every medical appt is going to be bad news, but I do enjoy life and take one-day-at-a-time.

I really want to meet everyone from this board, but since I am such a sissy and baby when it comes to flying, I will have to wait until one returns closer to the East Coast.

Until then, I love ya guys :)

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Have a safe trip!


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Have a great vacation! God Bless

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I hope you have a wonderful time. Fill us in as soon as you return.

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Have a great vaca; where on the east coast are you? Judy

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Have a great time! Enjoy yourself!


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Have a great time, and I am with you, I won't fly unless they let me into the cockpit and drive. LOL. Have fun!


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