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first chemo didnt feel anything

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actually worried they didnt give me anything.
Tommorrow is my second chemo (every thursday)
I started getting a little rash from the erbitux yesterday.
I have to eat a bunch of steroids tonight 5 pills of 4mg dexamethasone.
Last week was my supposed loading dose.
Boy did those steroids made me hungry i ate the night before chemo and the morning before chemo and all thru the chemo.
Well i gotta go run to the grocery store and take my steroids for tommorrow.
They gave me zofran and comprazine pills to take at home i took the zofran every 12 hours for 2 days and the comprazine in between at 6 hours Thank you everyone for all your posts and emails and the time you put in here.
victor brown

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Hey Victor,

Glad to hear everything seems to be going well at the moment. I've never had chemo so I don't know about it.

I had to take steroids for a while and nobody told me about the hunger, the incredible hunger!! I gained a lot of weight but lost it when I was in radiation treatment.

Are you taking Zofran for nausea? I did and it worked great for me.

I hope all goes well and that the rest of the treatment is not too bad.

Hugs and prayers,

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Hi Victor,
Glad to hear you did well. I think most of us conjour up a huge "chemo monster" that is going to eat us alive when first we walk through the door. For the majority of us it turns out to be a kitten(with MAJOR cattitude at times)but all ends up well. The only changes I had during chemo was at first the benydryl would knock me out but as treatments wore on my body adjusted to it and it would hit me like no doze and I would end up walking around the room for the entire treatment time.
Again,glad to hear it went well!


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