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Dad is doing great

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Hi everyone, My dad was diagnosed at age 70 with Hodgkins Disease Stage II, Nodular Sclerosis, he had 4 cycles of ABVD and 17 hits of radiation. He is turning 76 this June and is doing awesome. He has been cancer free for over 4 years. He is very active and has been to europe since. He has one complaint neuropathy in his feet, but it does not stop him, it does not seem to have gotten worse. I just thought this would give someone hope and strength. That if my 70 year dad got through it you can to. Stay strong and keep up the fight. It's not the most pleasant thing to go through, but if it was not for chemo my dad would not be here today.

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Thank you so much for this encouraging story. I really needed to hear that right now. I am having chemo this week. I am 43 and this puts a big smile on my face. Not only for me for your dad. We love and NEED these stories. So thank you once again for this encouragement.

Be blessed.

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