GBM IV - Avastin, wound not healing

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In a nutshell, my mom and best friend was diagnosed with a GBM stage IV in Jan 2007. She's had multiple surgeries and the tumor has returned once in Sept. 07. Since that surgery, she has had several surgeries to heal up the incision on the top of her head to no avail. She had another surgery yesterday as the incision opened up again after 4 weeks post-op. I know that Avastin is known for having a side effect of wound healing complications. She was on CPT-11 and Avastin until Jan 08. Does anyone know of other similar stories? If this doesn't heal, what could it mean? Does she run the risk of infection that could be fatal? Is it just a nusiance to be dealt with? Other than the wound not healing properly, she feels pretty good. She is only 57 years old. My mom's husband goes with her to her appointments as I live in another state, and I don't get as much info from him as I'd like. I appreciate any information you can give.


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    I don't have any information about this kind of surgery. I only can give you an information about a Juice that helps regeneration of the cells. This Juice could be an alternative to her, so her body can receive anti-oxidants and have a quick heal. My husband is drinking the Juice and he is having few side effects with radiation. Could be the Juice? God? The love for life?. I only know we need to keep fighting. The last thing is hope and love.

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