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Lymphedema across buttocks, hips

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I'm two weeks post radical hysterectomy for cervical ca. My hips look like I'm wearing saddle bags (I'm already pretty 'padded' around there, but this feels hard and cottage cheesy). My visiting nurse spoke with my doctor and they both said it will clear quickly. Is this true? Everything is healing well with little pain, but this has me very worried.

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Hi VermontPines,
I'm sorry you are dealing with cancer and I'm sorry you are dealing with this edema. I personally have never dealt with that type of edema, but I thought you deserved a response. Have you tried large quantities of water to "flush" out your lymph nodes? They tend to acquire toxins that can make your joints hurt and cause swelling since toxins are "logjammed" there. Just a thought. I hope you get better fast and are through with treatment. Life will get better.

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Oh mi gosh, while I am sad to hear that someone else is experiencing this, I am thankful for the timing. I did not get Lymphedema for two years following my cervical cancer hyster. Therefore, I thought my leg swelling related to where organs (ovaries) came to rest. Both my ovaries adhered to my artery & vein in their respective thigh. But it gets better, my doctor never mentioned the swelling could be lymphedema; so I took the right ovary out?! Only to suffer with lymph for six more months before his RN diagnosed me and finally sent me to a PT who could confirm that's what it was?! You have got to reply to this so I can prevent you from going through the last five years as I have. I only recently found someone willing to go the extra mile in PT to rectify, regulate and renew my sense of control/hope over this physical consequence. I know how lucky I am to have lived; I just know how 'little things can challenge you daily' and take away the beauty and blessings that can come to survivors! Maura

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