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We only just begun

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My sister has Thyroid Cancer, we live in a small town and starting this week I have to take her to a bigger city 1 hour and 45 minutes away for 3 days 2 days for the thy shot and on the 3rd day she will stay for the RAI treatment before she will be allowed to come home and be quortined for 16 days, I will stay with her the whole time except for the RAI treatment, to help her recover, the doc will moniter me as well as her due to the exposure after treatment. I don't understand alot of what we are about to go through, and feel that I need to share this with expierence with all of you. I will keep you posted

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Yes there is alot to learn about this cancer but one thing you need to know this is the best cancer to get cause its so curable. The worst thing is the radation pill the hospital staff stay away from your room tell your sis to keep you all informed and call if she needs you all or the doctor. After treatment she will do a scan to see if the cancer is gone then you will be on the home stretch, from there its just doc visits and yearly scans and alot of blood work'
Take care

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