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New member here, 18 years old

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Well, heres my story: In January of '08 I was getting ready to sign my life away to the U.S. Navy. I had filled out all the paper work and was at the processing station, maybe 1 hour away from swearing in when I had the last portion of my physical exam. The corpseman found an unkown lump on the right side of my neck and I was immediately disqualified until everything was checked out. I went my primary doctor who referred me to an endocrinologist, as the lump was in my thyroid. After taking blood tests and needle biopsies, I was told that all of the tests gave an "inconclusive" result and was strongly advised to go through a right thyroid lobectomy to remove the enlarged lobe of my thyroid. During my first surgery, the initial table-top biopsy showed no signs of cancer. Several days post-op I was called into the doctors office and told that the final biopsy of the nodule showed a Follicular carcinoma. Since then ive gone through a second surgery and I'm currently sitting in my room while my I-131 treatment does its thing.
Being 18 years old and going through cancer treatment isn't easy. Its really hard to believe that this is all happening to me, but theres no use in getting down over it. I try to be strong about the whole situation and take all the beatings that the treatment process wants to throw at me.
I was researching my I-131 treatment when I came across this website. Reading some of the other stories on here really makes me realize that in a sense, I have gotten the easy way out. Anyways, sorry for the life story haha, and I look forward to chatting with some of you.

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Best wishes on your treatment.

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Hi Michael my name is Kristi I am 24 yrs. old and I am fighting maligment melanoma. I too am new to this site. I would love to chat with you and I offer any support you might need. I know sometimes its easier to talk to someone you don't "know" because there isnt close feelings involved. I have 2 small children and when I was diaginosed that nite I wrote my kids letters for them to have from me in case some thing didn't turn out good. I'm in treatment now but I kept those letters. Its easy to forget that initial feeling after being told you have cancer and you swear your not going to take life for granted but after the surgeries are healed and the pain is less and life picks back up you do get that invincible feeling again and when I notice that happening I take those letters out and I read them quietly Its kind of like a reality check and a reminder of what truly matters to me my family. Its crazy how having cancer so young some times is okay because now that you have been thru this you will eat that extra piece of cake, you will get on that scary ride you will tell your mom you love her EVERYTIME you talk to her you'll notice the way your mate looks when they are with you you will find your self just sitting there watching your kids sleep so peacefully. All these little things seem so new so important to you but actully theyve been there all along you just never took the time out to notice them. Im pretty sure my cancer is not going to kill me at this time around I just hope it does not come back anytime soon I want to be able to raise my kids babysit and spoil my grandkids and letcher my great grand kids But if god does have something else in mind for me I pray he at least lets me be with my kids long enough to let them know I love them with all my heart I would do anything for them I worry about them 24 hrs a day I refuse to leave this earth without making that be known. After saying all that I hope you get a feel of me please feel free to look me up read my story message me and tell me a little about yourself k

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hello this is heidi. I am 19 yrs old. I am a survior from cancer I had A-L-l it was scary for while until i am healed from god i am so happy that i am cancer free for 2 years. I still take chemo once a month. I am so happy that i am alive today.from heidi

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