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Hi hope everyone is well Operation on June 20,2008

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Well I just got back from Seattle. They are wanting to do a double neck disection, do something to my nose, remove all glands in my neck,scrape my mandible to make sure no cancer is there remove my tonsils. Guess what I went from a stage 4 to early stage.Lots of Prayers answered.In the MRI here I had a 7cm by 8cm and possible 9cm. Now they say it is early stage and 1cm. I don't know how to tell you how I feel.So now I am looking at double neck disection,skin graft, doing something with my nose. Scraping my lower jaw or mandible, The MRI showed that it is very close to going into the bone,this is why they will do this. The DR wants to put a feeding tube in. Help does this go by way of a tube in your nose or in your abdomen. Thanks everyone for helping me with this I could not do it without your help. You are all in my prayers.Itybitty1

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Wow! That sounds like a lot! I'm glad it doesn't sound so severe any more. Some prayers answered there!

I had the tube in my abdomen, I don't think you want the nose one it's supposed to very irritating. I would schedule it as soon as you can around the surgery time. They may be able to do both at once. You need to keep up the swallowing though even with the tube so your muscles don't atrophy.

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Hi IB1,
I would have to guess they would do an ab tube with as much as you will have going on in the nasal region. They really are not that bad, but you do tend to get addicted to the tube(at least I did, was afraid to start eating again)
You will be in my thoughts and prayers

If you like vanilla, get the unflavored tube food, I use to LOVE vanilla and now just the smell makes me ill after pouring it in my tube for so long.

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Hi IB1,
I'm inclined to agree with Bill. With all the Docs are wanting to do in your nasal region I would think that an abdomen tube would be the logical conclusion. I don't know why it couldn't be inserted at the time of your other scheduled surgery. I used a product called Isosource 1.5 for my daily feedings. I also became dependent on my PEG tube as nothing that I attempted to eat was palatable. You do need to make every effort possible to keep swallowing. It's so encouraging to hear that you were misdiagnosed. God does answer our prayers! We will keep you in our thoughts and prayers.

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Hey itybitty,

I am so happy for you!! Going from Stagae 4 to early stage is great and I am glad they found out before the surgery.

Hugs and prayers,

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I agree with Bill on both of his points (ab and flavoring).

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