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EC Stage 3 diagnosed 14MAR2008

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Having benefitted from this site, I am contributing my case in the hope of benefitting the EC community and encouraging other victims of this insidious disease to share their experiences. I have finished radiation and chemotherapy and am maintaining a near-normal (ie demanding) work schedule.

Firstly, kudos to William66 for his tremendous, detailed, ongoing contributions to this site - especially to have the EC-specific category restored! His success story has been the greatest inspiration since Lance Armstrong. God bless you William66!

Secondly, this entry will necessarily be brief given the time demands of this disease superimposed on a frenetic schedule of a demanding job, house maintenance and family responsibilities.

Case details: [1] 60 yo white male, scientist, 69" tall, normal weight 170 lb, nonsmoker, moderate beer drinker (15 yr), regular strength training, strong recreational cyclist (150-175 mi/week). History of CA on maternal side(breast, melanoma, pancreatic); none on paternal side. History of acid indigestion with chronic (>15 years) use of OTC antacids, especially at bedtime.

[2] Diagnosed with a poorly differentiated adenocarcinoma by endoscopy performed to alleviate dysphagia 1st presenting in mid-February 2008. CAT/PET on 20 March showed primary tumor in distal esophagus, with malignant activity extending to stomach and 2 regional lympth nodes.

[3] Radiation (11-19 MeV; AP and laterally) for 28 days. Concomitant cisplatin (once weekly) and 5-fluorouracil (96-hour infusions). I have suffered constipation (requiring enemas) fulminant enteritis (~6 days), debilitating back pain (~4 days) and moderate hair loss.

[4] CAT/PET on 27 April showed no "definite active malignancy" (encouraging, but inadequate to conclude remission)

[5] esophagogastrectomy scheduled for late June. Although intrigued by William66's recommenation of minimally invasive surgery, I defer to the judgement of my MD at the Indiana University Cancer Center as a preeminent EC surgeon and clinical researcher in EC.

I shall win this battle and be productive for many more years - especially to help guide my 3 gorgeous grandchildren to happy, successful careers.

My best wishes and prayers to all of you affected by this awful disease.

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Read your note to "Tom", and am hoping you can give me some encouragement and/or helpful hints as a recent cancer survivor.

I am 62 yrs old male also with history of acid reflux for 20 yrs treated with over the counter antacids; diag with esoph cancer 12/20/07. Had radiation & 2 rounds of chemo (I also had 5FU. No loose teeth yet, but i did read something about killing brain cells. My wife says not to worry - yet). My ivor lewis esophagectomy was done at Mayo Clinic in Rochester 3/29/08, so I am 4 months out.

My biggest complaint is I still have a lot of trouble keeping food down. I cant pin down what is causing this. Sometimes I will have the coughing 2-3 hrs and then throw up, other times, it "just comes up." I have kept a food diary, but nothing is suspect. How have you fared, and what, if any special dietary restrictions did you encounter?

Thanks for any response.


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Hey Painter - my husband had the same treatment regimen as you (surgery 4/08) and after 4 months still has unexpected problems with keeping food down. Does not seem to matter alot what it is he'll start eating and up it will come, however, he can go back slow down the "chewing process" and mostly finish whatever we are having. I think alot of his problems are due to an esophageal stricture at the anastamosis in the esophagus. He has been dilated several times and has great success eating and maintaining just about anything after each procedure but the narrowing returns. Have you been examined for narrowing/stricture of the esophagus since your surgery? WE have one more dilation/? of stent put in this week if he has really narrowed down and as we have said through out this journey " it is what it is" and I guess we will deal with a stent if that is what it takes to prevent food from coming back up. You history is so similar to my husbands that I can understand your frustration - but have no further advice but what the Docs/nutritionists already gave. I think its a long term problem we will need to deal with and hope in a year or two the body will some how adjust - or there is the stent for us. Good luck and let us know how it is going. Keep you in my prayers as well. (BTW, S was diagnosed 12/18/07)

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First take care of yourself. I was a stage 4 and here I am 5 years in July later. Work if it is stressful is not good for you that is how we all got to this point. Good luck to you!

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My husband was diagnosed with EC on March 10, '08. He will be having his surgery probably in late July.
You will be in my prayers and thoughts as you go through your surgery. Your grandchildren will help to keep you strong, mentally! They truly can brighten a person's life! We have 6 and look forward to seeing them always.
Good luck and God Bless You.

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