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Radio Active Iodine Treatment

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Hello All:

My name is Debbie age 49 from Chula Vista, CA.
A year ago this month I had thyroid surgery to remove a nodule. After removal the surgeon found thyroid cancer and removed the whole thyroid. This was unexpected. The typical treatment for thyroid cancer is RAI (Radio Active Iodine Treatment) Taking the little blue pill seemed easy enough NOT!! I was given the RAI early in the morning in August around 9:00 AM by 10:30 PM I became very sick. I couldn't stop vomiting. My husband rushed me to the ER. Even before the treatment I asked if there were any side effects, I was told no. My body has not liked being without a thyroid. I am currently taking 100 micro grams of Levoxal. Since the RAI treatment I have had extremely painful mouth sores, lost the ability to taste my food and now I think I'm having salivary gland problems. My question is this, has anyone that has had RAI experienced any salivary gland problem. If so what type of problems?


Posts: 5
Joined: Jun 2008

My sister has thyroid cancer, we live in a small community, I will start taking her to a bigger city this week, where we will travel 1hour and 45 min's each way for 3 days before she even goes in for the RAI, she has to get thy shots for 2 of these days, after she gets out of the RAI(3 days added to hospital stay) I have choosen to stay with her because she will be contamanated and will need help to recover, I still can't find a good website to walk us through this journey and the doc's although good can't give us the info I need.I do know the Doc said she has to suck on lemon drops for the entire time she is recovering because her gland will be sore and it will help her to salivate, also she cant spit because it defeits the purpose of producing saliva. she is 43

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