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Temodar and women/menopause?

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Hello All,

First post here, my wife is on Temodar for an Anaplastic Astrocytoma. She had a crainiotomy and radiation, and is now on the once a month Temodar. Have any of the ladies here noticed or heard of Temodar bringing on Menopause early? (She is 42)

Thank You,
Jeff & Brenda

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I've not heard of it doing that, But I must add 42 is not "early" for some women, so maybe she is just feeling prememopausal. have you talked to her Dr about it?

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My neuro-oncologist warned me about the possibility of early menopause (and I'm 29). He told me to continue taking oral contraceptives to regulate my menstural cycle.

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My neuro-oncologist warned me not to take any type of estrogen including oral contraceptives, not even in foods like soy, because brain tumors have estrogen receptors and the risk far outweighed any potential benefit. I know that contradicts your doctor and you should always listen to your doctor. I've just never heard of that before. I took Temodar too. The only difference is that I took it for 21 out of 28 days. I wish you the best of luck with your journey. Take good care of yourself.


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That is interesting information that I will definitely look into. I do understand that different people have different kinds of tumors and are often advised to do different things based off of age. However, by checking out your profile, I see we are BOTH in the 20-29 age range and we BOTH have astrocytomas with gemistocyctic properties.

My neuro-oncologist wants me to stick with oral contraceptives because I have had problems with abnormal periods through-out my 20's, and the new seizure medications I now take ALSO ruin my cycle. My neuro-oncologist and OB-GYN believe it is important for me to not go into early menopause, especially since I have lower estrogen levels.

I guess the main thing I've learned is that everyone's body is different. Man, if we all had the same brain tumor, in the same lobe, and responded to the same treatment, the journey would be a lot easier for all of us!

Best wishes for you as well, and congrats on your two-year anniversary.


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