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coping with menopausal symptoms after surgery

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I am 7 weeks post-radical hysterectomy for adenocarcinoma and my reward is severe night sweats and hot flashes. I am ineligible for any type of hormone therapy -- I was more interested in natural/herbal therapies -- because of the estrogen content. Any suggestions for coping with these symptoms?

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Dear live2dance,

The easiest way to locate other members with similar experiences is to type keywords (such as "menopause," "hysterectomy," "adenocarcinoma," etc.) on the search bar at the top of the home page. You can refine your search by clicking on the different categories of content listed below the list of keyword matches that you get from your search. The major categories of content on CSN are discussion boards, personal web pages, etc. For example, if you are looking for a personal web page, you can limit your search to personal web pages only by clicking on the "personal web pages" category. Remember that you must be logged in if you want to post anything on a discussion boards, view personal web pages, use the chat room, etc.

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Hi Dancer,

I hear you loud & clear! My reward for colorectal chemo was being thrust into full menopause. 3 months after finishing chemo I got the endometrial adenocarcinoma & subsequent hysterectomy. The best thing I found was the soy compounds you can get in any grocery or pharmacy. Also, ask your doctor about topical Premarin--it also helps, although it is very localized and its main purpose is to keep the "flexibility" of your vaginal walls. Avoid solid pieces of clothing--layer, so you can divest yourself of clothes in a hurry so you can run & stick your head in the freezer :) Otherwise, I recommend lots of water and a calm spirit. It's amazing how strong negative emotion brings on hot flashes! I hope you do well. We forge on!!!

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Hi Dancer,
I went through a first natural meonpause, but then a second far more intense one with Arimidex for breast cancer. Discuss any soy or other supplements with your doctor - I was told to not take soy because it mimics estrogen. Of course, we're all different in our medical situations, but some of the natural therapies might not be individually appropriate. My doctor was very supportive and did have me start taking flax seed (Uncle Sam cereal has lots of it). Like kmygil said - layer! (and yes LOL, it does make it easier to get to the freezer quickly). The other thing that helped me tremendously (I have no idea why) was keeping myself really well hydrated - both for urinary and bowel purposes. I also found that a fan blowing on me at night really helped with the night sweats - I would still sweat, but it alleviated that sense of water running in rivers down the body. The symptoms will end - and you'll wind up with some funny stories to tell friends. Just hang on - it really does slow down!
Take care of yourself,

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I too am going thru meno due to surgery; always grateful my diagnosis was not fatal, I am in awe of how frustrating and disturbing the outcome is....sweats, flashes and moooooodeeee!! I too would love some advice; but more imp, would like you to know you're not alone!!

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Hello! I too am coping with instant menopause from hysterectomy due to endometrial ca. I was 31 when I had my hyst! I am 32 now. My physician has prescribed Effexor XR 75 mg/day. It is an antidepressant, but has been found to work wonders with treating menopause symptoms! It definitely helps with the moodiness. Hot flashes too! I am leary of any natural supplements, as they tend to act like Estrogen. I don't want to fertilize any cancer cells! Hope this helps!

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